5 Ways to Maximize Your Studio Space

It seems our real estate keeps getting more expensive and our space is literally shrinking, especially in bigger cities. The fitness industry is on the rise which means more health trends and more people in your small space. All of which is great for Studio owners, but

how do you utilize the space you have to best suit your customer?

Here are some tips…

1. Don’t feel the need to buy ALL the equipment, all at once.

Buy the ones you work best with. Some essentials at my gym are a squat rack with a barbell and bumpers, slam balls, resistance bands, a solid set of kettlebells, and a few dumbbells. That’s all you need, the magic is in the set up!

2. Work with circuits.

Circuits use one piece of equipment per person, leaving lots of space and plenty of equipment to go around. Big classes work well when they are organized and efficient. Circuit interval training is quite effective, efficient, and keeps everyone organized! A great set up for a group class of 12 is 2 circuits, each with 6 stations. Set the timer for 45 seconds of work 15 seconds of rest and move everyone through two times before switching them. Awesome workout!

Equipment Circuit 1 Circuit 2
Kettlebell  Swing Burpee Swing
Body weight Plank Leg lifts Plank Shoulder touches
Slam Ball Slam Toss
Dumbbell Plank Rows Squat curl press
Resistance Band Lateral steps (loop band) Plank lateral step outs (loop band)
BOSU Hop on squat Burpee BOSU Press

3. Try to find “twofers.”

“Twofer” is my term for one piece of equipment with multiple uses! For example, a bench is great for static work, but you can’t really throw it around (or I would hope you don’t). Power Systems has a 2-in-1 Flip & Plyo, which is a tire, a plyo box, and a bench in one. Step ups, plyo jumps or tire flips! That’s quite a few options!

4. Get rid of old equipment!

If you haven’t touched it in the last 3 months, you’ve probably found other fun toys to play with, so why waste the space? That space is one more person in your class!  Let it go and move on.

5. Learn to get creative.

You don’t have to always follow the directions, make up your own moves! For example, slap a strength band on a pull up bar and instead of using it as a pull up assist try this: Start in the plank position, place your feet in the band in a strong plank then pull your knees into your chest. Some serious deep core work coupled with lateral pulls!

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Nowadays with tools like Instagram and Facebook the possibilities are endless. Social media is a great place to get inspired by others, but have fun playing with your own equipment to see what moves you can discover. The more you play, the easier it will be to incorporate it smoothly into your classes. Now go get busy!

Helya Glen

About Helya Glen

Helya is the owner of The Studio, a functional training gym, located in Ventura, Ca. She focuses on HIIT (High intensity interval), LIIT (low impact interval), circuit training and yoga. She has countless certifications including NASM, RKC and her 200-hour Yoga Alliance. She has a passion for working with clients and trainers from all backgrounds while continuously staying a student herself. Her belief is that in order to achieve the highest level of health you need balance between three main concepts: intensity, flexibility and strength.