A Coaches Guide to Build a Better Athlete

For the past few months, we’ve been sharing content on how you can help your athletes develop and hone their skills. Here’s your recap of the three core skills needed to compete, the latest innovation designed with the athlete in mind, and the newest tools from Power Systems. Check out our Coaches Guide for all the products to help you build a better athlete. Don’t forget that Friday is the last day to save 20% off all Power Systems Branded Products and receive free shipping on orders over $49 when you use code IHRSA17!

Build A Better Athlete From the Ground Up


What are the skills athletes need to be successful? Strength and performance training is a broad scope, but it develops the core skill set needed to compete. Let’s take a closer look at what it takes compete at the next level – in sport and in life. Foundational Strength, Explosive Power, and Speed & Agility are key factors in building up your athletes. A durable and reinforced foundation is essential for injury prevention and athletic performance. It is crucial for athletes to develop strong core musculature while maintaining a wide range of motion that will serve as a sturdy yet functional base of support. In physics, power is measured by the amount of force produced over a period of time. The most powerful athletes in football, wrestling, and track & field can generate a maximum amount of force in a short time frame. Some sports require athletes to travel a great distance in a short amount of time and/or to change direction quickly. Train speed and power with weighted sled pushes and harnessed pulls.



Strengthen Your Conditioning Program with the RMT Club

As strength and conditioning continues to evolve, so must the equipment used by coaches and facilities. Successful athletic training programs feature traditional weight training principles integrated with functional and flexibility training techniques. These training cycles are programmed in a cyclical fashion based on the season of the sport. The new RMT Club is the perfect device to use to partner functional training with sport-specific movements. Rotational Movement Training can develop improvements in strength, rotation, and ambidexterity as it is designed to be used on both the dominant and non-dominant sides of the body. The RMT Club’s unique design not only makes it extremely versatile but also allows an athlete in any sport to perform a wide range of exercises from mobility to strength and conditioning. While you can still perform traditional Indian club training movements with the RMT Club – it is far more advanced in design and application.
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The Latest Tools to Take Training to the Next Level

Foam Vault Box


At Power Systems, our goal is to be your complete resource for all things fitness through superior education both before and after purchase and exceptional customer service. This year we’re releasing products that fit not only the 2017 ACSM Top 20 Global Fitness Trends report but also match how we see the industry expanding over the next year. Our 2017 trends report shares what we believe the future of fitness is and how when we provide the tools, you can provide the desired results. Check out the newest tools to help you achieve results and be sure to download our 2017 new product guide for more information on the new products. To release all these amazing new tools, we spent two days in Los Angeles at the fitness industry’s largest convention and trade show – IHRSA. Watch what went down and see all of our new products in action!



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