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Discover Storage Solutions For Your Home Gym

Whether your home gym spans an entire room or shares space with another inside your home – one thing you will want to do is maximize every square inch of it! Proper storage for your home gym equipment will not only maximize your functional workout space, but also make the equipment easy to access. And when it comes to making the best use of your time and home gym space, accessibility leads to accountability.

For example, kettlebell racks can hold much more than kettlebells alone. These racks typically feature a stacked set of flat shelves that are durable enough to hold many types of items; i.e. small dumbbells, medicine balls, sand discs, standard weight plates, foam rollers, and more! We recommend the Studio Premium Kettlebell Rack for small, indoor home gym spaces or the Club Premium Kettlebell Rack for a garage or basement gym that might have additional pieces to store.

Wall mounted racks are a perfect, budget-friendly way for keeping your lightweight items such as jump ropes, strength bands, resistance tubes and loops off the floor and tangle free.

If you have a plethora of lightweight training accessories, a single multi-purpose storage rack might be all you need. This storage solution is easy to assemble and can hold a TON of lightweight training accessories such as a stability ball, resistance bands/tubes, mats, balance pads/discs, foam rollers and mobility tools, Reebok Step/Health Club Step, yoga blocks and straps just to name a few.

Maximize your investment and your workout space by adding a storage solution to your home gym. Looking for the perfect starting place for your home gym? Shop our Home Gym Kits:


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