“FORE!” Accessories for Your Golf Workout

Though the 2016 Masters Tournament has come and gone, May is the perfect time to get out and celebrate National Golf Month. PGA pros, amateurs, and hopefuls will be hitting the links in full force as golf conditions start to peak this month. But before you dust off your clubs and hit the driving range, don’t forget to prep your body with a few sport-specific golf exercises to avoid injury.

Many studies have been conducted by professional academic and fitness organizations on golf mechanics and injuries. According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the most common ailment among golfers is low back pain caused by limited range of motion and flexibility in the hips and lumbar spine. The National Academy of Sports Medicine goes on to warn that low-back dysfunction in golfers can be attributed to improper function at the sacroiliac (SI) joint.

Not to worry, here are a few exercises and accessories – all small enough to fit in your golf bag – that will not only help your golf swing, but keep you in the game for years to come.

Foam Roller

Use a foam roller to perform self-myofascial release in the lower body to relax the muscles that become short and tight from spending the winter months sitting indoors and behind a desk. Slide the Travel Barrel Roller right over your putter or your 9 iron and spend a few minutes rolling your hips and thighs.

Stretch Out Strap

A stretch strap is the perfect partner for your pre-game golf stretches as it helps you guide your limbs to the ideal point of tension and relax into each stretch. Both the Stretch Out Strap and the Dynamic Stretch Strap will fold up and fit in the side pockets of your golf bag. Before your tee time, use your stretch strap for a few minutes in the clubhouse to lengthen your muscles with a few lower body stretches.

Forgot your stretch strap – not to worry, renowned golf instructor and host of the Golf Channel’s “The Golf Fix”, Michael Breed recommends some great static stretches and his favorite yoga poses for golfers  that can be done with body weight only.

Versa Loops

These small exercise bands are perfect for strengthening and activating the hips and glutes. Add this Versa Loop warm up sequence to your pre-game and workout routines throughout the week. These four quick resistance band exercises will activate your hip girdle and promote the range of motion you need in a golf swing.

Versa Tubes

These resistance bands are the most versatile, light-weight, and cost-effective tools that can provide an effective total body workout during the week leading up to your weekend golf tournament.   Versa Tubes come in a variety of sizes and resistances to meet your needs. Try this total body resistance band workout 2-3 times a week either at home or on the road. However, remember to always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

Whether you are gearing up for the US Open Golf Tournament or simply dusting off your clubs for an afternoon tee time, use these tools and exercises to keep both you and your clientele at the top of their golf game. Check out our full variety of fitness equipment for golfers on our website.

Elisabeth Fouts

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