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Gifts Under $25, $50, $100, & $250

The holidays are happier when you stay within your gift giving budget. Here are some of our most popular products suitable for gifting to the fitness buff on your shopping list – ALL grouped by price.

TOP 10 UNDER $25

Each of these gifts would fit nicely under the tree AND in a gym bag.

Premium Versa Tube
Double cords
Versa Loop Kit
Core Roller
Muscle Knot Massage Peanut
Premium Yoga Sticky Mat
TriggerPoint MB1 Massage Ball
Harbinger Women’s Pro Wash and Dry Glove
Harbinger Men’s Pro Gloves
Striped Yoga Block

TOP 10 UNDER $50

Portable fitness equipment for everyone from the Yogi to the body builder and everyone in between.

SKLZ Slidez
Versa Ball Stability Ball
Strength Band
Jacquard Yoga Towel and Mat
Round Edge Cork Yoga Block
Push-Up Bars
MostFit® SYN Rings
Harbinger Padded Leather Belt

TOP 10 UNDER $100

From home gym equipment to portable accessories for workouts at the gym – you can find it here.

Lebert Equalizer
Wood Training Rings
Bosu® Sport 50cm Balance Trainer
Infinity Vest
AIREX Calyana Prime Yoga Mats
Withings Go
Recovery Kit
PowerForce Boxing Gloves
Withings Pulse Ox
The Grid 2.0

TOP 10 UNDER $250

From recovery to HIIT training and functional fitness to fitness tracking – you’ll find something for every fitness fan in this category.

MostFit® Core Hammer
Exercise Ball Chair
TRX Home Suspension Training Kit
TriggerPoint Performance Collection
Power Training Rope 1.5″
Power Systems CardioBarbell Pump Set
Hyper Vest Pro
Withings Body Scale
3-in-1 Plyo Box

Elisabeth Fouts

About Elisabeth Fouts

Elisabeth Fouts is Power Systems’ Education and Trade Show Coordinator and a 10 year veteran in the fitness industry. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, is certified in and actively teaches 4 Les Mills Group Fitness Programs, and serves as a PowerWave Senior Coach. When Elisabeth isn’t teaching group x classes, you can find her training for or participating in an Obstacle Course race or watching Tennessee Volunteers or Dallas Cowboys football… GO VOLS!