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Medicine Ball Breakdown – Comparing our Med Ball Offerings

Medicine balls – that staple training tool that can be found in gyms everywhere.

They can be used in a variety of ways while also being safer than other methods of weight training, making a med ball workout perfect for beginners. After all, who wants to toss around a dumbbell? Between wall balls, dead balls, and slam balls, how do you determine which option is right for your training program? Let us break it down for you. We’ll share a few med ball options to help you choose the right ball for your training as well as a workout from Master Coach Bennie Wylie, Jr.

When choosing a medicine ball for your training program, keep in mind the kind of movements you or your clients will be doing as well as the kind of training being offered. Are you more OCR focused? Then you’ll probably want a slam ball or an atlas ball. Group or studio training? The Elite Power is ideal. It’s color coded by weight, making it easy to lead your class to the right ball for them. Check out this chart to determine the right med ball for you:

 Medicine ball comparison
We asked Power Systems, Master Coach, Bennie Wylie Jr. to show us some of his favorite exercises with a wall ball (PowerForce Medicine Ball), a med ball (ProElite Medicine Ball), and a slam ball (Premium Slam Ball). Check out the video to see how to perform each exercise, then try each on your own. (That Single Leg Hamstring Curl with a wall ball is awesome!)
Looking for more inspiration? Try one of the sample medicine ball supersets listed below – or try all three for a slammin’ medicine ball training session.

Med Ball Superset 1:
1. Sit Up, Toss & Catch with Med Ball – 15-20 reps
2. Double Leg Hamstring Curl with Wall Ball – 10 reps
3. Repeat exercise 1 & 2 for 3 sets

Med Ball Superset 2:
1. Cable Lat Pulldown – 12-15 reps
2. Side to Side Overhead Slam with Slam Ball – 10 reps each side for a total of 20
3. Repeat exercise 1 & 2 for 3 sets.

Med Ball Supetset 3:
1. Barbell Squat – 12-15 reps
2. Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift (RDL) to Overhead Slam with Slam Ball – 6-8 reps each leg for a total of 12-16 reps
3. Repeat exercise 1 & 2 for 3 sets.

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