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PJ Stahl’s Top 3 Reasons to Create an In-Home Gym

One of the best solutions to reaching your fitness goals is creating an in home workout space. This can ultimately change the way you structure your day and get you closer to achieving your goals by providing you a no excuses solution in your home. Here are my top three reasons why I believe it’s important to create an in-home gym space.


A home gym space allows you to equip your workouts with YOUR favorite pieces. If you choose the right pieces, this equipment will not go unused. How many times have you heard someone say that they bought a piece of equipment and put it under the bed or in the closet and all it does is collect dust? Well, not any more. Get the pieces of equipment that you enjoy using and will help you reach your specific goals. Next, carve out a specific area in your home for these pieces of equipment to stay. This will be your own personal fitness sanctuary.


A home gym creates a permanent visual space that will be a constant reminder of your fitness goals. The number one reason for someone to reach their fitness goals is accountability. This is your own “accountability partner” there for you whenever you need it. Create a workout calendar that goes on the fridge or in your workout space to create an accountability check list. This will hold you to your milestones and help you reach your results faster.


My third reason for creating your own in-home gym space is that this is your no excuses fitness solution. It eliminates nearly all of the reasons most people don’t workout. “I don’t have enough time.”, “I can’t make it to the gym.” and/or “I have to watch the kids at home.” All of these excuses are thrown out and you can complete your workout, on your schedule, any day and any time.

Next, I want to help you maximize your home gym space. If you have an entire room to dedicate to your at home workouts, consider yourself lucky! If you must share your personal workout sanctuary with another room, it’s all about carving out a small nook and creating an open space around that nook in which you can move equipment in and out easily. I recommend using a corner of the living room, guest bedroom, or home office. You should also have the ability to move a coffee table and/or chairs to create an open space easily around this space. Small storage baskets or an ottoman capable of storing small pieces of equipment in a single container will keeps the space looking nice and organized when not in use.

Here is an equipment list of what I recommend for your in-home gym:

Here are a few workouts I have created for you to try out in your new in home workout space.


Circuit 1 – 4 Rounds:

10x Cardio Barbell Incline Bench Press

10x (each) Cardio Barbell 1-Leg Romanian Deadlift

15x Premium Versa Tube Bicep Curl

15x Versa Ball Tuck-Ups

Circuit 2 – 4 Rounds:

1min – Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull  + Versa Loop

1min – Lateral Bounds + Versa Loop

1min – Versa Ball Plank Lateral Toe Taps + Versa Loop



Circuit 1 – 4 Rounds:

10x (each) Reebok Deck DB Bent Over Row

10x Cardio Barbell Back Squat

15x Premium Versa Tube Tricep Extension

15x (each) Pro Elite Medicine Ball Seated Russian Twist

Circuit 2 – 4 Rounds:

1min – Kettlebell Squat to Reebok Deck

1min – Kettlebell Swings

1min – Pro Elite Medicine Ball Plank Burpee



Circuit 1 – 4 Rounds:

10x Reebok Deck Seated DB Shoulder Press

10x Cardio Barbell Reebok Deck Split Squats

15x Premium Versa Tube Lateral Shoulder Raise

15x Versa Ball Back Extension

Circuit 2 – 4 Rounds:

1min – DB Alternating Reverse Lunge + Shoulder Press

1min – Reebok Deck Jumps

1min – Reebok Deck Mt Climbers


PJ Stahl

About PJ Stahl

Power Systems Master Coach, PJ Stahl, MA, CSCS is creator of PROJECT STEEL and a Reebok Ambassador. His background in competing in collegiate level Division I gymnastics paired with his experience coaching professional athletes, he was naturally led to become a fitness performance coach. PJ utilizes over 20 years of experience and over 25 certifications as a well-rounded elite fitness expert in personal and group training. PJ currently resides in Los Angeles where he owns and trains out of his studio, Lock Box Fitness & Performance Center.