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Today is a big day at Power Systems! Our Summer 2016 Buyers Guide has officially launched and we have more exciting news to share with you. We are proud to announce the continuation of our company-wide rebranding which focuses on your personal success and our mission to Power Your Potential. The rebranding process began a year and a half ago after Power Systems joined the PlayCore family of companies that provide educational play and recreation equipment for every type of customer. Since then, we’ve been diligently working towards becoming a company that can provide our customers every opportunity for progress, which has involved creating new partnerships, improving your favorite products and creating educational programs that will guide you to powering your potential with Power Systems.

Since 1986, Power Systems has had the privilege of working with inspiring companies who use fitness as a means to influence the world. We understand that most of your clients’ lives do not revolve around fitness, but rather their fitness revolves around their lives. They might lift weights so that they can carry their growing baby, or hold up an aging parent. Functional training with battle ropes might help them gain strength and endurance for a job that requires physical labor. Using resistance bands might help them stretch to reach top shelves, or give them more strength to play a sport that brigs joy to their life. All of these tasks, chores, daily activities, hobbies and lifestyles are what create the potential of a strong, healthy lifestyle, and we want to encourage potential in every way we can.

As Power Systems continues to evolve during our rebranding, we want to assure you that this isn’t a new Power Systems as much as it is an evolution of who we are in a pursuit to reach our fullest potential of empowering you. Moving forward, we are eager to listen and engage with our customers in an effort to help you power your potential.

Our greatest effort is to become a complete solution for you- the one place you can get the products you need, without having to sort through the products that you don’t. To achieve this goal, Power Systems is developing new Strategic Brand Partners to provide our customers exclusive products from brands we hope you will utilize and love. We are especially excited to introduce our most recent strategic brand partnership with functional fitness equipment provider MostFit, making us exclusive distributors of the MostFit Core Hammer! This isn’t the only partnership we’ve been working on. Later this week we will announce another new partnership with a company whose products we can’t wait to RUN with!

While we expand the Power Systems brand partnership, we are also making one of our priorities to improve the Power Systems products you already know and love. Our rebranding isn’t just about new looks, but pushing the envelope with new and innovative products you won’t find anywhere else. The products you will be able to expect stronger performances from that will help you power your potential are…

  • Premium Versa-Tube PLUS
  • PowerForce Heavy Bag
  • PowerForce Medicine Ball

Beyond providing you with products for all of your fitness needs, Power Systems wants to show you how those products can help power your potential through new education initiatives. We have strived to produce an engaging, effective program with the revenue generating PowerWave workout plan. So far we have been able to certify two classes of PowerWave Instructors across the country in our PowerWave Instructor Courses held in Boston and L.A. and have more the works for the second half of the year. In the future, we look forward to bringing you educational content and workout programs right to your mailbox as we grow with our new strategic brand partners.

In closing, we recognize that you strive for personal improvement and excellence every day in your life. power your potential initiative is really a workout for Power Systems as a company to make sure we’re strong enough to stand by your side as you grow. We realize that your potential has no limits, and you will achieve any fitness goals you choose to take on, our hope is that we can be a resource in your journey.

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Founded in 1986, Power Systems (PS), LLC is a leading provider of fitness and performance products and is recognized throughout the sports and fitness industries for its complete selection, superior customer care, and fast delivery. Power Systems (PS), LLC is committed to quality, innovation, and service through our knowledgeable team that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.