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PlayCore Acquires Power Systems

Play and recreation leader grows fitnesoffering through newest acquisition. 

Chattanooga,  TN  Jan 5,  2015  -­-   PlayCore Holdings, Inc. (PlayCore), a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of a broad range of play and recreation products, announced  the  acquisition of Power Systems. READ MORE

An Education for the Education Coordinator

Sitting all day just isn’t in my DNA. The only stillness I practice is in Savasna at the end of yoga class or the few minutes before I fall asleep each night. When I started at Power Systems three months ago, I was in for a shock to my system…I now had a “desk job.” (Cue dramatic music.) My past roles in the industry required a hybrid of some office time but with heavy emphasis of being active in the clubs. How in the world would I survive being “shackled” to a desk?

The first few days of my new job as the Education Coordinator seemed to move painfully slow. Then one glorious day, I found out I could use the Power Zone aka workout room during my break or lunch time. I assumed the Power Zone would be similar to what I typically find in a hotel “Fitness Facility.” I use air quotes there, because let’s face it, most times there is much left to be desired. Much to my delight, it was stocked with a variety of equipment! I will neither confirm nor deny that I did a happy dance as I scanned over the kettlebells, slam balls, bands, plyo boxes, bars, benches, treadmills, ellipticalls, and the list goes on. Party on!

My days began to go by more quickly because my day was broken up by workouts. During those breaks, I was finding myself learning more about all the different types of equipment Power Systems has and how it was different from that of our competitors by using it on a daily basis. Then came a party crasher named Amy from Sales. Guilty confession, I was afraid that she would slow me down in my workouts and hinder my break from the day.

So, my workouts become our workouts. As weeks turned into months, Amy didn’t slow down the break time workouts, but made it more fun and I was floored by her progress. Then all of a sudden, the party began to grow as Amy shared her progress with our co-workers. We picked up Misty from Planning, Whitney from Marketing, Jenny from IT, Lakewsha from Customer Service, and party just kept growing. Now on any given day there are between four to twelve regulars that sweat it out together.

Here’s what I learned from these workouts:

  • I have more content and ideas for our weekly Products Schools, because I can bounce ideas off the group as we work out. The same goes for the rest of the group, too. We are sounding boards for each other and our individual departments.
  • I continually find new ways to coach, cue, and modify workouts for all ability levels using all our equipment. These workouts put me back in touch with the coaching and teaching I’ve missed.
  • I get super productive and energized, cranking out my most productive hours of the day after these group workouts, and it makes me better at my job as a whole. Here’s the shocker, I actually look forward to getting back to my desk so I can bang out content pieces with my new ideas.

So, if you’re like me and you find yourself getting antsy from sitting all day, then get moving! It takes a little planning to pack clothes and to figure out how you can squeeze in a work out mid-day, but I bet you’ll find yourself feeling better and performing better at your job. I bet there are other people in your office that would love to get moving as well!

Diamond Pro Bumper Plates

These plates are ready for the challenge!

This made in America recycled rubber bumper plate is a step above your average plate. This plate offers durability that most plates do not have. These plates are heavily drop tested daily in our Decatur, AL facility to over 20,000 drops.

Dimensions: 450 mm diameter and 2” stainless steel insert

Plate Thickness:

Plate Weight Plate Size
10 lbs. 1.375” thick
15 lbs. 1.875″ thick
25 lbs. 2.25″ thick
35 lbs. 3.00″ thick
45 lbs. 3.75″ thick
55 lbs. 4.00″ thick

It is not recommended to drop the 10 lbs. and 15 lbs. a point higher than 36″. Doing so alone on the bar can cause the inserts to be damaged and voids warranty.

Pair these with the American-made Diamond Pro Bars. See All Diamond Pro Products >>

Erin Gray

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Erin Gray is Co-Owner and Manager of 865 Fitness. She is a CrossFit L-1 trainer, CrossFit Kids coach, and yoga instructor. She is certified in all nine MOSSA group fitness programs. When she isn't leading CrossFit classes you’ll find her running, or blogging.