Rebranding Our Buyers Guide to Power Your Potential

On Monday we shared with you the launch of our “Power Your Potential” initiative and how we plan to increase our value as your most trusted fitness supply resource. One of the ways we identified to help power your potential and improve your customer experience is with a new and improved Summer 2016 Buyers Guide. It launched on Monday, and you might have already downloaded your own copy or gotten one in the mail and noticed it looks a bit different. Today, we want to take some time to point out the exciting new features and products you should keep an eye out for when you’re browsing through your new Buyers Guide this week.

  1. Easy Purchasing Pages

We’ve simplified buying by adding pages with product comparison charts. These new easy purchasing pages provide information at-a-glance on our Plates (pg 6), Kettlebells (pg 12) and Medicine Balls (pg 26). Now, instead of wondering what the differences are between similar products, you can compare and easily identify which product has the exact features you’re seeking before you buy.

  1. Color Tabs

While flipping through the Buyers Guide, you’ll find multi-colored tabs on the edge of every page. This new colorful tabbing format is there to help you better identify product sections, and find what you are looking for more quickly and easily.

  1. Extended Product Sections

We’ve also added significantly more pages to specific product and training sections.  As Functional Training becomes more and more of a mainstream training method, we’ve lengthened this section to make sure all the tools you need to execute this training method are easily accessible. (You’ll notice medicine balls are now in the Functional Training section, including the NEW PowerForce Medicine Ball!) The Yoga & Pilates and Aquatics sections were also expanded to make room for new products! Similar to Functional Training, we recognize that these areas of fitness training are growing and required expanded product lines to meet your needs.

  1. New Products with Reebok

We’ve saved the best news for last! In the back of the Buyers Guide, you’ll see an entirely new section: REEBOK! On Monday, we noted there was an exciting new partnership coming, and we are excited to announce it’s with global fitness leader, Reebok. The Reebok section in our Buyers Guide includes products for Functional Training, Studio Training, and Combat Training.

We hope that with its improved functionality, expanded product sections and  brand partners like Reebok, our new Buyers Guide now offers you every product you need to power your fitness potential.

Christy Browning

About Christy Browning

Christy Browning is Power Systems’ Brand Manager. She has a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology and most recently completed an EMBA program. As a lifetime fitness enthusiast and former college athlete, Christy now spends her time doing yoga, spin & weight lifting to ensure she is physically ready for any outdoor adventure that might come her way. She enjoys backpacking, mountain biking, fly fishing and traveling to remote places where cell service is not an option.