Your April ’15 Newsletter

An Exciting New Partnership

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of Andy Drobeck as he begins his 2nd Professional season as a Triathlete!

andrew drobeck

About Andy:

  •  Age: 32
  • Hometown: Missoula, MT
  • Occupation: Missoula Fire Department and Pro Triathlete
  • Spouse: Married to Trisha Drobeck and they have 4 cats (which are all hers.) Andy says that he never thought he’d marry a crazy cat lady, but you’ll never find one as good looking as her.
  • First Competition: Andy did his first triathlon back in 2009, but he really didn’t start taking it seriously until just a few years ago. This is his 2nd year making the jump from Amateur to Pro and he is excited to race against an ever swelling field of talent and push himself to new levels.

2014 Professional Results:

  • Grizzly Triathlon 4/19/2014: Sprint Distance – Missoula, MT/ Results: 3rd Overall – 59:26
  • Wildflower Triathlon 5/3/2014: Half Distance – Lake San Antonio, CA/ Results: 10th Overall – 4:20:48
  • Ironman Boise 70.3 6/7/2014: Half Distance – Boise, ID/ Results: 8th Overall – 4:09:06
  • Pacific Crest Triathlon 6/29/2014: Half Distance – Sunriver, OR/ Results: 2nd Overall – 4:06:06
  • Ironman Canada 7/27/2014: Full Distance – Whistler, BC/ Results: 5th Overall – 8:50:32
  • The Utah Half 8/23/2014: Half Distance – Provo City, UT/ Results: 2nd Overall – 4:06:54
  • Ironman Chattanooga 9/28/2014: Full Distance – Chattanooga, TN/ Results: 9th Overall – 8:34:08 

2015 Schedule:

  • Challenge Knoxville (Half) – 5/17/2015
  • Challenge Atlantic City (Full) – 6/28/2015
  • Ironman 70.3 (Half) – 7/26/2015
  • Challenge Cedar Point (Full) – 9/13/2015
  • Challenge Rancho Cordova (Half) – 10/18/2015

“Triathletes see increased performance when supplementing swimming, biking, and running with a strength and mobility routine. If there is something you need at the gym where you workout, recommend a Power System product. Make Power Systems your first stop for all your at home fitness needs as well.” – Andy Drobek

Find more about Andy on his website >> Here

Breaking Out of that Fitness Funk

This blog goes out to those of you that think picking at your calluses while in a social setting it acceptable behavior (which totally is); those of you who proudly participated in the “aerobics era” (and have the thong leotard to prove it) and are still stepping along; those of you who call gym clothes “normal clothes.”

There is something wonderfully addicting about exercise and we do it day after day, year after year. Along the way we’ve all fallen into a fitness funk at some point. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t you worry your little sweat banded head – it will.

Here are 3 common reasons we (myself included) fall into fitness funks, and how to bounce back with renewed excitement.

#1 – You hang onto your routine like Linus hangs onto his blankie

It is so easy to fall into the same routines – they are comfortable, predictable, but they can grow stale. Monday is and forever will be international chest day, I am cool with that. But, maybe instead of bench you superset some flyes and push-ups?

I dare you to put down the security blanket and try something new. It could be a yoga class, a trail run, or repping out with fitness equipment you’ve never tried before. If you’ve stopped getting sore from your regular routine, this is a great indicator that is time to try something different even if you aren’t bored with your regular routine yet.

#2 – Cardio sucks                                  

Yep, it does. I won’t even try to throw in a cutesy motivational meme in here to try to convince anyone otherwise. Cardio does suck. Your lungs will burn (hopefully). You will sweat (you gotta). It can be boring.  Can I get an, amen?

Do you typically run for 30 minutes? Is 20 minutes on the ARC your go to? Instead of the same speed, same incline, and same length of time try a different scheme. Try to increase your incline every 5 minutes. Maybe you throw in thirty seconds of sprints every 3 minutes. My point is to change up the same old thing. Google EMOM and AMRAP. Don’t assume these terms are just for CrossFit, they can spice up any tired routine.

Imagine watching Stallone train for the big fight in Rocky without Eye of the Tiger playing, instead replace that with some Kenny G – no offense, Kenny. My point is music changes it all! Try not getting fired up listening to Eminem, David Guetta, or Godsmack. You could even try matching your feet to the beat of the music, just be sure to pick something with a quick beat.

#3 – You can still wear the same jeans you bought 10 years ago

If you’re scratching your head thinking, “That is a bad thing?” In my opinion, yes! It is a bad thing. I want to be that girl Becky and her friend are talking about. I’m with Sir Mixalot, I like mine round and big. I sure as heck don’t do squats to have a little butt. I hope I have to keep buying new jeans, because my glutes and quads keep growing.

I would hate to think all the time I have logged running, lifting, and sweating has little change on my body. I am not saying you should try to keep losing if you’re already at your ideal weight. There are many facets to overall all fitness. If you’ve already hit your target weight and have the biceps you’ve always wanted, maybe you really examine your flexibility or mobility. You don’t want to remain the same; you want to change for the better.

Changing up that routine takes some planning, but boy does it add some much needed variety. A few minutes on iTunes will make your 30 minutes of cardio fly by. The jeans were just an analogy, but we can agree that if we are all in this for the long haul. The continual process of getting stronger, faster, better is what keeps us coming back for more; so, to wrap it up, don’t get funked up.

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About Erin Gray

Erin Gray is Co-Owner and Manager of 865 Fitness. She is a CrossFit L-1 trainer, CrossFit Kids coach, and yoga instructor. She is certified in all nine MOSSA group fitness programs. When she isn't leading CrossFit classes you’ll find her running, or blogging.