RMT Club workout

3 Moves to Prime and Push Your Athletes with the RMT Club

Last week we introduced you to the RMT Club, this week we want you to see it in action. Check out the videos below of exercises featuring the RMT club. Each of these can be used alone or paired with some of your favorite traditional warm up or conditioning exercises.

For example:

Try the Ground Strike with Athletic Shuffle as a Tabata Drill. Be sure to only strike the RMT Club head on padded surfaces such as conditioning or wrestling mats.

The RMT Club Swing and Switch is a great dynamic warm up movement that can improve coordination. Remember to execute with both the dominant and non-dominant sides driving the club.

The RMT Club Samurai Squat is an ideal way to prep your athlete by priming key muscle groups needed for squats. This movement activates the hips and core as the user works to drive down using the RMT Club as a counterweight. The additional challenge comes as you coach them raise the club over and behind the head while maintaining an upright posture in the loaded down position.




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