Your Feb ’15 Newsletter

 What’s Going on at Power Systems this Month:

  • We are gearing up for IHRSA! We are less than a month out and we are excited to unveil our brand new booth experience. With giveaways, new equipment, and our cranking booth, you will not want to miss stopping by #1115!
  • Since joining the PlayCore family we have added to our tradeshow schedule. We are going to attend more shows this year! Newest addition is Shape America in Seattle March 17 – 21. Look for us there and watch for more additions throughout the year.
  • Coming Soon – An improved checkout process on the web. Some features you will notice is; faster load time, clean and easy to use, and a more clear callout on savings.
  • Guest Bloggers: We want to offer you all different types of views on fitness. We have asked different people to come in and blog with us to do just that.
  • Be on the lookout for more great promotions coming soon!

 Cabin Fever and Boredom Cure

I’ve noticed when temperatures drop during the winter months, activity levels drop with it. My kids, Emilia and Ethan, ages 10 and 8, begin bickering with each other and complain more about their boredom. They have extra energy they need to burn off, but it is too cold to go outside. What is my solution? I throw in a quick fun, family physical activity so they can do just that. Here are a few of our favorite activities to fight against Cabin Fever:

Snow (Sock) Ball Fight

What you need: Laundry baskets, timer, lots of socks, and a sense of humor.

How to play: Pick your opponent. You can choose everyone versus each other, kids versus parents, or boys versus girls.

  • Evenly divide up balled up socks between all players.
  • Everyone space out away from each other in the same room.
  • Each person will place their laundry baskets upside down; this acts as a fort that you can duck behind. You cannot move the basket or pick it up to use it as a shield.
  • Set the timer for 3 minutes. This short time period creates a sense of urgency and kids will be running, diving, and throwing like crazy the whole time.
  • If anyone gets hit by a snow ball they have to do 5 jumping jacks before they can continue on.

Quick notes:  This activity is perfect for laundry day! Kids don’t seem to mind pairing their socks in a ball if they know they get to throw it at their siblings. When you’re done with the Snow Ball Fight, have everyone toss their clothes in their basket and put them away. GENIUS!

Bin Basketball

What you need: Two large bins (toy box or big empty box), 6 bouncy balls (like dodgeball style), and a stop watch

How to play:  You’ll need one or two people that keep score and retrieve balls from bins.

  • Divide players evenly into teams or do head to head. I like round robin tournament style.
  • Draw a line players must stay behind as they shoot the baskets.
  • Place bins on the floor.
  • Set the timer for 1 minute. Do a 3, 2, 1 countdown to start.
  • Players shoot as many baskets as they can within the set time. When the timer ends, you will count up the scores.
  • The number of baskets made by one player is “given” to the other player. Both players do that number of reps in an exercise that is decided before the start of each round. So for example, if Emilia gets 11 baskets and Ethan gets 12, then Emilia does 12 push-ups and Ethan does 11 push-ups.

Quick notes: Have the kids choose the exercises ahead of time. My kids’ favorites include: push-ups, tuck jumps, burpees, sit- ups, and squat jumps.

Musical Chairs

What you need: chairs and music

How to play: This is just like the old classic, Musical Chairs, but with a twist.

  • One person runs the music – the DJ – while everyone else plays the game.
  • Form a circle of chairs that number one less than the total number of people playing the game.  For example, if you have 5 people playing, then put out 4 chairs.
  • To start, the dj announces how everyone will move around. They could choose bunny hops, lunges, bear crawl, side shuffle, crab walks, hopping on one foot, duck walk, butt kickers, or high knees. So if the dj picks lunges, everyone lunges around the circle of chairs while music plays.
  • When the music stops, all the players hurry to hover in a squat over a chair without sitting on the chair.
  • The person left without a chair must complete 5 burpees while everyone holds their hovering squat.
  • Remove a chair upon each stop of the music, this way there are more burpees getting done.
  • The “winner” is the person hovering over the only ball left when the music stops.

Quick notes: Unlike regular musical chairs, no one sits out.  Once the 5 burpees are completed, then they are back in the game.

Thankfully, warmer days will be here before we know it. Then we can take our family activities outside. I hope you and your family enjoy these activities, and that they’ll be a cure for your kids’ case of Cabin Fever and Boredom.

Power Systems Product Spotlight

Kids love to move! Agility drills are an easy option when using props. These drills can increase their self-esteem, focus, and personal satisfaction while improving their fitness and health.

So, what can you use?

Indoor Agility Rings

Made of high-impact PVC, this set includes a dozen 19” diameter orange rings. The true flat design makes it ideal for using indoors and flat surfaces. Also, the flexible construction helps prevent breakage.

Here are some fun games to play with our Indoor Agility Rings:

Grab a stop watch and get to racing! Set up your indoor agility rings and have the kids race to see who can pass through the fastest.

For a little variety, try one footed drills, side way drills, or backwards drills.

Erin Gray

About Erin Gray

Erin Gray is Co-Owner and Manager of 865 Fitness. She is a CrossFit L-1 trainer, CrossFit Kids coach, and yoga instructor. She is certified in all nine MOSSA group fitness programs. When she isn't leading CrossFit classes you’ll find her running, or blogging.