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Small Spaces, Big Impact

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It’s not the size of the gym, it’s the way you use it, and using a small space well means choosing the right equipment.

Most gym owners know that every square inch of their space is valuable real estate, but more space isn’t always the right answer. There are only two things that take up space in a studio or gym – equipment and people. So, the real question is, do you have the right equipment?

Here is a quick list of three things to ask yourself before making an equipment purchase, specifically for smaller spaces.


Is the equipment functional? Seems like a dumb question since all equipment by nature has a purpose, but this is in reference to whether or not the equipment practically serves the client and your training style.

The reason you are selecting equipment is to meet your clients needs through your training style. The biggest mistake a gym or fitness facility owner can make is purchasing equipment that meets their workout needs, not the client’s. So before making any purchase take a look at your current clientele by making a list of their workouts, movements, and goals. Narrow that list down to the most frequent workouts, movements, and goals. Then begin selecting equipment that fits the majority of needs while staying true to your specific training style.


Does the equipment adapt or have the ability to adapt to many different uses?

If you can identify equipment that lends itself to multi use then you limit the number of items necessary to get the job of quality training done. Items like Strength Bands, Reebok Decks and PowerWaves offer a multitude of uses, replacing the need for multiple items in your small space.

Additionally, clients want a good workout and many of them don’t want to spend the entire training session learning a new piece of equipment each visit. Versatile equipment negates the learning curve allowing your client the ability to spend more time sweating and less time thinking.


Looks aren’t everything but they should not be ignored. Working out is all about the appreciation of looking good and that should translate into a piece of equipment’s design.  Clients want to see clean, sharp equipment.

You will also find that the majority of quality products are also the most aesthetically pleasing. By adding aesthetics into the purchasing equation most gym owners find that they begin to focus on more quality purchase. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more for quality and for items that fit with the look, feel and culture of your gym or studio.

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