Count on Power Systems to Help You Make the Most of Market Trends

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This month marks the anniversary of Power Systems’ founding. We are proud of our customers, the industry, and the many ways we’ve worked together to adapt to meet the needs of clients everywhere. This special anniversary reminds Power Systems to reflect on our evolution and the legacy we have worked to build over our 32 years.  

We’re excited for the next phase of our business and yours   

Trusted sources report a trend that is BIG news for our industry: mainstream fitness. Many of us who have been in the business of fitness for decades are very familiar with the growth of this trend. Healthier lifestyles, educated clients, and greater use of health coaches and personal trainers promise to put us right in alignment with our biggest opportunity to positively impact our communities and their needs than ever before. What does mainstream fitness mean to you and your facility? It can mean that current and new members will be more accessible to you. They may also have greater demands and be open to new products and services. But what trends will last and what trends will be quick fads? And most importantly, how will we prepare ourselves to make the most of trends that will determine how we execute our legacy through the wave of opportunity for growth?  

We’ve got everything you need to make the trends work for you  

Clarity makes all the difference in designing and executing a meaningful plan to grow your business. This month, count on Power Systems to help you get ready to make the most of market trends. We invite you to educate yourself on trends, reach out, and listen to the feedback of your customers, consider carefully WHO YOU ARE and the legacy you want to leave with your team and facility. We are here to make it easy to identify and follow the steps to strategically respond to trends you’ll want to be on top of in 2019.  

It’s not a new trend, but our favorite influencers in the business also predict a greater emphasis on functional training. Clients will be working out in this area of your club even more. In preparation for the predictable surge of traffic to your facility and functional training programs, we invite you to plan with Power Systems. We are working hard as always to bring you the best products to complete or update your functional training area. Start with our Modern History of Functional Training blog. Then stay tuned all month for strategic suggestions the help you own your legacy in 2019.  We’re celebrating our 32nd anniversary all month long with fun surprises. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date.




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