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Enhance Your Lower Body Strength Training with the Step360 Pro

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Training Spotlight: Step360 Pro – Lower Body Strength Training

We, as fitness professionals, know how important lower body training is for the body, but how can we enhance our programming to re-engage our clients in new ways? I have found that utilizing the Step360 Pro for some of my lower body strength exercises in my programming has helped to:

  • Increase neuromuscular patterning
  • Improve ankle, knee and hip stability
  • Increase core activation and strength
  • Increase posterior chain recruitment

With these benefits, it is evident that we should be utilizing this tool and these types of exercises in our programming. It is important that we integrate exercises that will correct imbalances and overall activate the muscles we are trying to engage. A few common imbalances I see in clients are; a weak posterior chain, lack of strength in small stabilizing muscles and poor kinetic chain sequencing. We can address each of these issues with Step360 Pro exercises.

I recommend using bodyweight exercises on the Step360 in your dynamic warm-up before performing these strength/stability exercises. After a solid dynamic warm-up I utilize strength circuits with upper body, lower body, accessory/corrective and core exercises. Below are a few exercises I utilize in my programming.

Kettlebell 1-Leg RDL:

  • Single leg work increases ankle, knee and hip stabilizer strength
  • Unilateral weight load increases core activation
  • RDL movement engages the posterior chain

DB Reverse Lunge + Step-Up:

  • Lunging on and off of the Step 360 increases neuromuscular patterning
  • Single leg work increases ankle, knee and hip stabilizer strength
  • Lunging movement engages the posterior chain

Glute Bridge + Versa Loop:

  • Glute Bridge movement with Versa Loop engages the posterior chain
  • Shoulder bridge on Step 360 increases core activation
  • Toe raise on bridge increases use of ankle stabilizer strength

ProElite MB Single Leg Slam:

  • Single leg work increases ankle, knee and hip stabilizer strength
  • Dynamic upper body MB slam increases core activation
  • Dynamic upper body movement with lower body stability increases neuromuscular patterning to maintain stabilization

1-Leg Stability Drill + Versa Loop (Forward/Backward, Lateral, Diagonal):

  • Single leg work increases ankle, knee and hip stabilizer strength
  • Versa Loop at knees increases posterior chain engagement
  • Single leg dynamic movement increases core activation
  • Single leg lower body stability with opposing leg dynamic movement increases neuromuscular patterning to maintain stabilization

The next time you are creating a program start by assessing your client’s specific lower body needs. Then, create a systematic program that incorporates some of these lower body exercises to make progressive improvements. Over the next few months watch your client improve and advance on many levels.

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