How Team Power Systems is Preparing for our First Race – Partner “Chipper” Circuit

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Here is the latest update on our Road to Spartan Trifecta 2018:

Team Power Systems is only days away from completing the first of our three races. Our team will tackle the Spartan Super in Jacksonville, FL on Saturday, April 28th. Joining Team Power Systems for the Jacksonville Super will be Power Systems Master Coach PJ Stahl and AXLE Workout CEO Andrew Page. We can’t wait to tackle this course with you guys!

Our team has been training for the past two months together in our on-site gym, aptly named “The Power Zone”, as well as holding each other accountable for our own workouts around town at Knoxville area studios and training centers.

Below is one of our Team Power Systems workouts – grab a partner and give it a try!

We will be happy to share with you all of our pre- and post- race photos, stories, and victories from Jacksonville in our May Newsletter. You might even see a preview of our team on our IG story this weekend! Stay tuned!

60/50/40/30/20 Partner “Chipper” Circuit

4 exercises x 5 sets – if you don’t have a partner, complete all or ½ of the reps on your own

  1. Dumbbell Squats
  2. Box Jumps / Step Ups
  3. Sit Ups / Crunches
  4. Push Ups

Each partner pair must complete the total # of required reps as a team. Only one partner works at a time. For example, SET ONE: Exercise 1: Dumbbell Squats. Partner A performs 30 reps while Partner B rests. Then Partner B performs 30 Dumbbell Squats while Partner A recovers. Then the partner pair moves on to complete 60 total reps of Exercise 2: Box Jumps/Step Ups, 30 reps for Partner A and 30 reps for Partner B, and so on. Remember, only one partner is working at a time – work together to “chip away” at the number of reps required.

Set 1: 60 reps total = 30 reps of each exercise per partner

Set 2: 50 reps total = 25 reps of each exercise per partner

Set 3: 40 reps total = 20 reps of each exercise per partner

Set 4: 30 reps total = 15 reps each of exercise per partner

Set 5: 20 reps total = 10 reps each of exercise per partner

Five sets of this workout should take between 50-75 minutes to complete. Scale the workout by cutting reps in half – or completing 2-3 rounds instead of 5.

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