Power Systems + Spartan = Lonely Couches Everywhere

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At Power Systems, we develop products and programming to empower people to achieve new heights in their fitness.

Over our 30+ years in the industry, we’ve seen many trends and changes. Most recently, we have been excited to be at the forefront of a trend we love – Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).

As fitness has become more and more mainstream, Power Systems has seen OCR grow in its popularity. We love OCR because it offers greater variation than traditional organized races, dramatically increasing the level of workout achieved by training for and completing a race as well chasing away the potential boredom of simply running. The world leader in OCR, Spartan, is taking racing to the masses with an inspiring mission – to rip 100 Million people off the couch and out of their comfort zone. And Power Systems has proudly joined the movement.

Many of our associates, Master Coaches, and valued members of Team Power Systems are racers and trifecta medalists. And yet, we still wanted MORE. Spartan racing gets in your blood and it has certainly inspired Team Power Systems.

As of September 4th, 2018 Power Systems and Spartan have taken their partnership to new level to make Obstacle Course Racing even more accessible.

This fall, Power Systems launches its Spartan brand of training products, designed to help anyone train like a Spartan. Our Spartan line includes everything needed to train for a Spartan Race and have the strength to overcome Spartan obstacles. In careful collaboration with Spartan and our own OCR training expert, Yancy Culp, we’ve developed the most effective products and a robust 28-day Spartan Race training program. This complete package will take anyone from couch to AROO in less than 30 days.

We invite you to join the movement and start getting Spartan Strong with Spartan Products by Power Systems. It’s easier and more achievable than ever before with our Spartan 3 in 1 Plyo Box, Spartan Dead Balls & Slam Balls, along with Spartan Strength Bands and Resistance Tubes.  Get your Spartan products, decide to neglect your couch, and own your obstacles in whatever form they may take. We are confident you’ll love OCR and its ability to challenge your comfort zone just as much as we do.  Check out your sneak peek at Spartan by Power Systems Products below.

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