Power Systems Axle Workout by Bennie Wylie

Power Training Workout with the Loaded AXLE Barbell

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Looking for a new loaded barbell workout? This one programmed by Oklahoma University Director of Sports Performance and Power Systems Master Coach Bennie Wylie, Jr. The AXLE barbell is lightweight and portable enough to be used indoors or out – however, you can perform this workout in the weight room with barbell, Olympic plates, a Versa Loop, a light strength band, and a wall ball. Bennie added some Slam Ball slams and over the shoulder Atlas ball tosses to complete this full body workout.


Bennie Wylie’s Loaded Axle Barbell Workout

The Axle
Warm Up:
Versa Loop Lateral Steps x 5
Versa Loop Rows x 5
Versa Loop Monster Steps x 5
Versa Loop Rows x 5
The Workout:
1. Axle Banded Rollouts x 10
2. Axle Leg Raises x 10
3. Axle Lunges x 10
3a. Atlas Ball Shoulder Toss x 2
3b. Kevlar Ball Slams x 5
4. Axle Push Press x 10
4a. Atlas Ball Shoulder Toss x 2
4b. Kevlar Ball Slams x 5
5. Axle Squats x 10
5a. Atlas Ball Shoulder Toss x 2
5b. Kevlar Ball Slams x 5
Repeat 3-4 rounds
Add weight each round
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