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Simplify Your Warm Up Using The Step360 Pro

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Summer is here, so let’s make our workouts more efficient so we can spend more time outside having fun in the sun! I am going to give you a simple and effective warm-up using the Step360 Pro to get your body revved up and mobilized without a time consuming start to your workout. One of the easiest ways to create efficiency in any exercise is doing a “combo” movement pattern. This is when you combine two exercises in to one creating a world of It gives you double the bang for your buck and you will feel it from the start. I have incorporated four combo exercises for this Step360 Pro warm-up that will get you in and out of your workout fast so you can get out and enjoy your summer the way we all should, outside.

My key components to include in any warm-up are:

  • Some type of lunge pattern.
  • Some type of squat position.
  • Some type of plank exercise.
  • Some type of lateral movement.
  • A single leg position during a movement.
  • A thoracic mobility exercise.
  • A hip mobilizing exercise.
  • Some type of hamstring stretch.

If you can incorporate exercises that check off these movements on the list above you will have an efficient warm-up that will hit the entire body. We want to make sure we are mobilizing the entire body head to toe. Upper body, lower body, and activating the core and stabilizing muscles so we are workout ready is extremely important for a balanced movement preparation series. Lets get started!

Step 360 Warm-Up: (10 reps each)

  • Reverse Lunge + Hip Cradle
  • Lateral Lunge + T-Spine Rotation
  • Plank + Sumo Squat Hamstring Stretch
  • 1-Leg RDL + Knee Hug

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Power Systems Master Coach, PJ Stahl, MA, CSCS is creator of PROJECT STEEL and a Reebok Ambassador. His background in competing in collegiate level Division I gymnastics paired with his experience coaching professional athletes, he was naturally led to become a fitness performance coach. PJ utilizes over 20 years of experience and over 25 certifications as a well-rounded elite fitness expert in personal and group training. PJ currently resides in Los Angeles where he owns and trains out of his studio, Lock Box Fitness & Performance Center.