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Springtime Solutions – Take Your Home Workout Outdoors

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While you may agree that exercising at home can be a time-saving solution when you can’t make it to the gym, you might be limited on the amount of equipment and space you have readily available. If you don’t have a basement or spare bedroom that you can convert to your ideal home gym, there is still hope.

Take a look around outside your home to see if there is an area of your backyard or a small patio space that can host your at-home sweat sessions

Ideally, workout equipment that can be used indoors and outdoors is lightweight, portable, and easy to store. In addition to the 5 Essentials for Your Home Gym – there are a few pieces that can maximize your workout time by catering to a total body workout inside or outside your home.

Functional and foundational pieces such as medicine balls, kettlebells, and dumbbells are often sought after for home use because of the wide range of exercises they support. However, it is easy to get more than you bargained for with the need to have light, medium, and/or heavy weight options for each that provide the ideal resistance for upper vs. lower body exercises. Not to mention the fact that once you start to accumulate a light and heavy option for each – you now have 6-8 pieces that you must transport and store in and around your home.

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For indoor or outdoor workouts, the PowerWave can be your perfect training partner. This weighted bag features durable construction throughout to support high or low intensity exercises both indoors and out. The multiple handles allow for a variety of exercises from pulls, pushes, rows, and presses. It is available in 3 different weights and each of them are easy to store and transport. The PowerWave even comes with online access to a workout library that features fifteen total body, 20 minute workouts that will help you maximize your time and workout intensity.

Another versatile workout tool that is great all on its own or paired with some of your favorite bodyweight or resistance band exercises is the MostFit Core Hammer. While some gyms and training studios have the floor space to accommodate a workout with the Core Hammer, if you are working out at home, it is best to use this piece outside. The Core Hammer can be used on grass or concrete without damaging the hammer. There are a ton of exercises in addition to everyone’s favorite stress-reliever, the Core Hammer Slam. Click here >> for a variety of total body cardio and strength exercises that you can add to your home workout routine. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more workout inspiration.

Both the PowerWave and the Core Hammer can be star or support of any at-home outdoor workout. Pair these pieces with some resistance bands and a foam roller for a comprehensive total body workout that can be done anytime, anywhere.

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