The Latest in Foam Rolling Technology – The HighRoller

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Just in time to support the flexibility and mobility movement – Power Systems has teamed up with HighRoller to taking self-myofascial release to new heights (literally). The HighRoller is a foam roller positioned on a revolving axle and suspended on a height adjustable stand. The stand allows the user to execute self-myofascial release techniques without limited pressure on the upper body musculature of the arms, shoulders, and neck.

With the HighRoller, there is no need to expend energy to maintain the exercise positions; now you can direct all that energy into the essential action – rolling and relaxation. Foam rolling techniques are most effective when you can relax the muscle you are treating. The construction of the HighRoller allows you to roll while maintaining natural postures promoting relaxation in both the treated and untreated muscle groups during exercises.

The concept for the HighRoller began in 2013 with a team of exercise physiologists in Finland. After three years of fine tuning, the next level in foam rolling was introduced to the world. The adjustable stand allows the user to set up the roller in three positions: high (about 14” off the ground), low (approx. 2” off the ground), and angled.

Other Features:

  • Large contact/surface area for large muscle groups of legs and back
  • Three colors available – Black, Pink and Orange
  • Removable stands
  • Each short plastic leg has a grip on the bottom surface to prevent slippage
  • Weight limit: 265 lbs.
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

Highroller Highroller

Highroller Highroller

While the angled legs and non-slip foot pieces add stability to the raised foam roller, it is important during rolling exercises to apply pressure on the roller directly from above. This makes adjusting the pressure easier on the user and prevents the roller from tipping over.

The HighRoller is the perfect addition to any space from the home gym to the training studio to the physical therapist office. Available exclusively from Power Systems. HighRoller exercise videos are FREE and can be found at www.musclecareacademy.com.

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