Trifecta Newsletter – June 2018

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Summer is now officially here! The weather is heating up and so is the Power Systems Trifecta challenge!

Team Lock Box LA & Power Systems Master Coach PJ Stahl have been ramping up the training in their OCR Boot Camp classes. The heat is rising and so are their class numbers. OCR Boot Camp is offered four times per week and it is becoming one of the most popular classes. The members of Lock Box are loving the challenging and innovative new exercises that this class offers. The Lock Box LA Trifecta team will be ready to take on their final race of the year for sure!

Power Systems Master Coach Julie Johnston and the Camp Rhino team have confirmed their final race dates for 2018. You can join Julie and her Rhinos at the SPARTAN BEAST in Lake Tahoe, CA on Sept 29th. This is also the host site for the 2018 Spartan World Championship! If you already have a BEAST medal for 2018 – or if you want to start out with a shorter race, join them on November 17th in Laughlin, LV for the SUPER or SPRINT distance.

Team Power Systems just snagged the second (and most coveted) of the three medals in the 2018 Trifecta Challenge – by conquering the SPARTAN BEAST just outside of Cleveland, OH. This was the first race of this distance for the majority of the team – but that didn’t stop anyone from accepting the challenge, and CRUSHING IT!

A few of the teammates shared their thoughts on the OHIO BEAST below:

Christy Browning, Brand Manager –

Christy Browning, Brand Manager
Christy tackles the Multi Rig!
  • Favorite Part / Obstacle of the OHIO BEAST? Seeing the progress of everyone on our team was one of the most exciting & rewarding elements during and after the Beast. The Super in Florida was HARD, both mentally & physically, so going into the Beast was intimidating to say the least. The work that was put in during the 5 weeks between races paid off in a huge way, and it was so fun to see team members conquer obstacles for the first time and more confidently than before!
  • Comment on your thoughts/takeaways after this race: As humans, we are capable of more than we think, and even more so, we are stronger as a group! This distance of race is not something I would have done on my own, was nervous to do on a team, but looking back at what we conquered after we crossed the finish line together was incredibly rewarding!
  • Post-Race Meal? All the Mexican food available!

Daryl Shute, Business Development Manager –

Daryl Shute, Business Development Manager
Daryl staying strong at mile 10!
  • Favorite Part / Obstacle of the OHIO BEAST Race? Quite honestly, my favorite obstacle is the last one with the water hazard and the 45-degree wall. I know that the race is almost complete but finishing offers such a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Least Favorite Part / Obstacle of the OHIO BEAST Race? For this event, my least favorite obstacle was the simple one that I fell off and crashed to the ground. I was unhurt but my ego was crushed! Ha!
  • Comment on your thoughts going into this Race… I’m not going to lie, I was quite nervous going into this race. The length of the course and the unknown was a little scary!
  • Comment on your thoughts/takeaways after the race. Stay the course and push through it when the going got tough. I think as a team we encouraged each other well and never stopped moving forward.
  • Pre-Race Meal? Probably could have done better. More calories!
  • Post-Race Meal? Delicious Mexican food at Don Patrons!
  • I don’t know what I would have done at this race without… my teammates!

Elisabeth Fouts, Education Coordinator –

Elisabeth Fouts, Education Coordinator
Elisabeth showing that sand bag who’s boss
  • Favorite Part / Obstacle of the OHIO BEAST Race? Bender and the A-frame slip wall – I did much better on both of those in this race.
  • Least Favorite Part / Obstacle of the OHIO BEAST Race? The Bucket Brigade was BRUTAL! Though it was a flat, but long trail – you crossed mile 12 of the race during that burdened carry. At that point in the race, fatigue was setting in and it felt like the most brutal Bucket Brigade obstacle ever!
  • Thoughts going into the race… I was looking forward to being with my teammates as they experienced a BEAST for the first time.
  • Thoughts after the race… “I’ve never been happier to see a FitAid in my life!!” All jokes aside, I’m very proud of our team! We helped each other, looked out for each other, stayed together, helped others when needed. We finished in just under 6 hours – which I think everyone was pleasantly surprised with that – we were prepared to be out there for almost 8 hours.
  • Pre-Race Meal? Oatmeal, ½ banana & peanut butter, coffee & electrolyte water on the way to the race site
  • Post-Race Meal? Chips, salsa, queso, and veggie fajitas!!
  • I don’t know what I would have done at this race without… my camelback, and of course, my teammates!

More exciting news coming soon from the quest for the Spartan Trifecta! See you on the course!


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Elisabeth Fouts

About Elisabeth Fouts

Elisabeth serves as the Education Coordinator for Power Systems and is their primary content contributor for blogs and articles on a variety of subjects from personal training and group fitness programming to product spotlights and health club operations. She holds a B.S. in Exercise Science and has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry from a personal trainer & group fitness instructor to regional level fitness management. Elisabeth is also a Master Trainer for PowerWave Master and holds industry group fitness certifications with ACE & Les Mills.