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Maintain Mobility and Optimize Recovery with the RMT Club

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Ever heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder”? As fitness enthusiasts, we don’t always relate to that statement – when it comes to our workouts, we workout smart and hard! In that case, since you love to workout and you want to do it for a long time, it is best to train smarter in order to train longer.

The normal wear and tear the body experiences during exercise is a major concern for longevity and performance. If the body is not integrated and balanced, long term effects can hinder daily life and cause injury. If you are looking to maintain mobility and range of motion and optimize recovery for ideal physical performance at any age, make sure you are adding these activities to your weekly exercise routine:

  • Warm up and cool down time in every workout: Sometimes when we have to get a quick workout in, we skip the warm up and cool down. Remember to dedicate at least 5 minutes or more for warm up and cool down combined. This is valuable time spent not only to prevent injury during the workout, but also to prevent the development of muscle imbalances over time.
  • Rest days: Everyone needs a rest day. Even athletes that compete at elite and professional levels have rest days incorporated into their training programs.
  • Mobility workouts: Mobility exercises are often restricted to the warm up period of a workout. However, you can maximize the benefits of mobility training by dedicating 20-45 minutes to flexibility and range of motion exercises.

Flexibility, mobility, and core training will make large contribution to the longevity of your physical performance. Most people think of foam rollers, stretch straps, and stability balls as the ‘go-to’ equipment for this type of workout. WeckMethod has designed the RMT Club as another tool for people of all fitness levels to improve mobility and functionality. This unique tool was specifically designed to facilitate rotational movement and non-dominant side training.

Exercises using the RMT Club will contribute to performance for a lifetime by optimizing shoulder health and creating continuity between your left and right sides to minimize deficiencies and reduce injury. Non-dominant side training also helps to improve the brain-body connection by stimulating the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems to interact in new ways – leading to better overall balance and total body integration.

Daily workouts are big part of a long and healthy life. However, make sure that you are able to exercise at your highest potential now and later by maximizing your balance, mobility, and range of motion and minimizing your risk of injury.

Check out the videos below for a few exercises you can use to prime your core and upper body using the RMT Club.

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