National Stress Awareness Day

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Today is National Stress Awareness Day. For me, this day bears more significance to me than it does to others. Why? I live everyday with anxiety.

I started having panic attacks in high school. I was able to maintain my stress and anxiety levels naturally because I was so heavily involved in sports. We all know, when you exercise it releases your “happy hormones” also known as endorphins. Unfortunately for me, my body doesn’t produce enough of them on its own. So my sports career throughout high school and college was able to  compensate for what my body was lacking.

My time after college is different story. I would find myself in the hospital several times a year literally feeling like I was going to suffocate to death from the overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety. I thought I was going crazy. Something as simple as picking a place to eat became a daunting task for me. I reached out to my doctor and she put me on anxiety medicine and suggested I get back into a regular fitness routine. Well, for someone who not only has social anxiety and OCD you can understand how overwhelming it was for me to even step into a gym alone.

Fast forward a few years, it continues to be a daily battle for my stress and anxiety not to overwhelm by body and cripple me to the floor. Two days ago I was laying on the floor in my house, having a panic attack, thinking to myself I wasn’t going to be able to breathe anymore all because I had gotten in a tussle with a very ornery box that didn’t want to fold correctly (there were other triggers as well.)

So I started taking some group fitness classes at work and slowly incorporated running into my routine as well. Not long after, I started feeling the effects of all my exercising (aka – I WAS SORE!) This is where I discovered self myofascial release (rolling)… *cue angels singing*. SMR made me take a moment, breathe, and relax. One because it hurt like you know what, but two it helped my body release tension I had been bottling up over time. Who knew something so simple could be a saving grace for a girl with major anxiety.

Skip forward to today, yes I still take anxiety medicine. It isn’t something I am ashamed of and I enjoy telling people my personal story to break the stigma related to anxiety and depression. I will more than likely be on it for the rest of my life. But I have less stressful moments thanks to my fitness routine… that still isn’t perfected. Also, to rolling! Lucky for me, I work at a fitness company that has an endless supply to all kind of options. I keep a roller at my desk (yes, I get anxiety if it goes missing.) My cube mates keep some at their desks.

As the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Power Systems and a fan of all things self myofascial release, choosing the product to spotlight was a total no brainer! I am super excited for this amazing new roller line called Moji. There are feet rollers, rollers to put on your hands, rollers to put in the fridge, the rolling options are endless! I could literally roll every muscle at once if I wanted to, that is how awesome these products are! You can take them anywhere with you because they are so portable.

Moji Curve Pro

MOJI Curve Pro



  • Relieves aches and pains whether you are sore from sitting all day at the office or just coming back from a workout.
  • Can be placed in the freezer for an ice massage.
  • Curved design with comfortable handles that allow for easy use.




Moji Foot

Moji Foot



  • Easy to use.
  • Help relieve foot pain and soreness.
  • Perfect product for people with Plantar Fasciitis.




Moji Mini Pro

Moji Mini Pro



  • Handheld travel-friendly massager.
  • Slides easily on to hand with massage rollers on palm side of hand, place massager on soreness and roll.
  • Wipes clean with wipes.
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