Power Systems NEW Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Series

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People all over the world have been practicing different types of Yoga for centuries, yet it is still considered one of ACSM’S top fitness trends for 2016. While the benefits of yoga are dynamic for any and all age groups – there must be some reason that a workout that is centuries old is still trending.

Over the past ten years, we have seen functional fitness emerge as a popular training technique as more people are getting involved in physical activity at different stages of life. The truth is that the physical benefits of yoga (i.e. increases in core strength, balance, flexibility, and range of motion) can create a strong foundation for a functional fitness program.

Perhaps another reason Yoga continues to gain popularity is the increased awareness of the need for active recovery for athletes at all levels. A yoga class can provide a low impact option between high volume workouts. There are several yoga practices that are gentle enough to meet the requirements of an active recovery training program.

At Power Systems, we recognize the growth and popularity of mindful movement training and have responded by creating an expanded line of eco-friendly Yoga mats. Check out the features and benefits of each mat to determine which mat would be best for your needs. Whether you are going to a Yin Yoga recovery session, a Vinyasa Flow class, or a detoxifying Hot Yoga, or Bikram session – Power Systems has the perfect mat for you.


Jacquard Yoga Towel & Mat

 Jacquard Yoga Towel & Matjacquard mat close up

Two of your Hot Yoga needs in ONE!

  • Jacquard fabric combined with functional natural bamboo fibers
  • Made from TPE – an eco-friendly alternative to PVC
  • Integrated with a durable anti-slip mat
  • Great for Bikrahm Yoga classes
  • Easy to clean – machine washable
  • Two colors to choose from
Natural Jute Yoga Mat

 Jute Mat

 Jute Mat close up

Reinforced durability for your practice.

  • Featuring natural jute fibers – a strong fiber used to make durable textiles such as burlap and hemp
  • Integrated with a durable anti-slip mat
  • Made from TPE – an eco-friendly alternative to PVC
  • Hand wash and hang dry
  • Suitable for all yoga types
  • Two colors to choose from
Kiss the Sky Oval Yoga Mat

 Kiss The Sky Mat

 Kiss the Sky Mat 2

Sustainable Yoga Mat made from 100% recycled materials.

  • Performance-centric design holds the floor and supports your hands and feet
  • 100% recycled rubber
  • Multi-function and versatile, performs well on most surface including wood, grass, sand, and cement
  • Keeps you from sliding, even in hot yoga
  • Rounded corner-edge design won’t curl up
Professional CClub Grade Yoga Matlub Grade Yoga MatClub grade mat close up 



Ideal for clubs and high volume yoga studios.

  • Built with an ideal elasticity and support density
  • Durable mat for use in a health club or yoga studio
  • Made from TPE – an eco-friendly alternative to PVC
  • Easy to wipe clean surface



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