Product Spotlight: Power Systems Indoor/Outdoor Training Kit

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Longer days and warmer temperatures might have you taking some of your classes and your personal workouts to the Great Outdoors. Bodyweight boot camps, yoga & Pilates, and aqua fitness classes are all great outdoor formats, but adding a few pieces of equipment can help you take your outdoor workouts to the next level.

Power Systems Indoor/Outdoor Training Kit is your solution to providing a variety of fitness programming for small groups. This comprehensive kit comes with enough equipment to accommodate individuals and small groups of up to 15 people of all ages and fitness levels. All pieces are lightweight and portable and can fit in a large gym bag or a portable utility storage bin or trunk.


  Versa Loops– Small enough to fit in your pocket with a variety of applications for upper and lower body. Each kit includes one of each resistance – light, medium, and heavy to accommodate all fitness levels.


Premium Ultra Versa Tubes– Exercise bands can provide much more resistance than their total weight combined! We chose the Premium Ultra Versa Tubes for the kit as they feature a durable foam handle and a nylon sleeve to protect the band from the wear and tear of indoor/outdoor use. Three resistance bands are included – light, medium, and heavy.



Steelbells – The perfect, versatile piece to add a wide variety of exercises to your outdoor circuit! The Steelbell can function as a medicine ball, a kettlebell, a free weight, a slam ball, and a sandbag. Each Steelbell comes pre-filled with durable steel pellets and features a textured, gripping surface. This kit comes with two of the most popular weights of Steelbells – 10 lbs & 20 lbs.


Strength Bands – Need a little help with pull ups and bodyweight dips? We added two of our most popular resistance level strength bands to help offset challenging bodyweight exercises. These can be used on indoor/outdoor fitness rigs or even on the playground monkey bars.


Jungle Gym XT – This portable trainer allows you to add suspension training exercises to your circuit. These straps can be anchored together or separately to a playground, fitness rig, or even a sturdy tree branch. Use this suspension trainer for modified push-ups and pull ups, assisted squats, lunges, and so much more!


Beaded Jump Rope – We’ve added two jump ropes featuring PVC beads and handles for increased durability. The beads also provide a great auditory cue as they hit the ground to help beginners get into the rhythm of jumping. The kit comes with one 8’ and one 9’ rope to accommodate users from 4’9” – 6’0”.


Pro Agility Ladder – Create speed and agility ladder drills to spice up the cardio segments of your circuit training class. The Pro Agility Ladder has adjustable, locking slats that provide easy transition to form narrow spacing for short, quick step drills or wider spacing for longer strides.


Power Training Rope – Adding battle rope exercises to your circuit is a great way to integrate cardiovascular training with strength training. Anchor the Power Training Rope indoors around a heavy piece of stable equipment or outdoors around a tree or a park bench.


  Agility Cones – We have included 5- 9” agility cones. Use them to mark off stations, establish footwork patterns, checkpoints for exercises, and much more.


  VersaDisc – Great for adding a balance challenge to your favorite exercises, the VersaDisc is made of soft PVC for indoor/outdoor durability.


  Gymboss Timer – Compact, multi-use timer with many versatile functions that make it beneficial to virtually any workout. The Gymboss can be used as an interval timer, a countdown timer, or a stopwatch and features an audible alarm to alert start and stop times.


  Programming Cards – Need some help getting started on your circuit training class design? No problem. There are sample exercise and programming cards available to download for FREE! Use them to customize a workout that includes the four key components of training – Flexibility, Core, Cardio, and Strength.


Each of these select pieces can be used in classes of all fitness levels from youth to active aging. This kit has plenty of options and usage combinations to provide a complete solution to hosting everything from an outdoor boot camp style workout or other indoor circuit training programs.

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