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Step360 Pro Upper Body Strength Training with PJ Stahl

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Strength training is important to any well-rounded fitness plan.

Although, we know how important strength training is, when we think of upper body strength training we often omit any type of stability base training incorporation. It is easy to think of integrating lower body exercises with a stability tool, like the Step360 Pro, because we can do something as simple as standing on it when we do the lower body exercise.

I want to talk about the importance of using the Step360 Pro for upper body strength training and the different base positions to utilize for optimal integration.

I use the Step360 Pro with a variety of different “base positions” dependent on the exercise and outcome I am targeting with each movement. Changing the base, or where the instability will be interacting with the body, will change the activation of different stabilizers and/or the core. I always want to create a well-balanced program with a variety of challenges for stabilization, so the body does not rely on a single, primary base of support consistently. Below I have listed a few of my favorite types of base positions for upper body strength training:

  • Shoulders on the Step360 Pro platform
  • Seated on the Step360 Pro platform
  • Single Leg Stance on the Step360 Pro platform
  • Double Leg Stance on the Step360 Pro platform
  • Plank with Hands on the Step360 Pro platform
  • Quadruped (hands and knees) on the Step360 Pro platform
  • ½ Kneeling with the Back Knee on the Step360 Pro platform

As you can see, there are many different ways to include the Step360 Pro when doing strength training. This will allow the full program to include; strength, stability, balance, coordination, and core activation. Having all of these different factors of training in one “upper body strength training” program is very beneficial to ultimate progress and body morphological changes. Try using the workout I have provided below in your next upper body strength training program.



10-10x Alternating DB Bench Press

10-10x Seated 1-Arm DB Shoulder Press

10-10x 1-Leg Alt Bicep Curls

30x Burnout: Standing Versa Tube Bicep Curls



10-10x Plank + Bent Over Alternating Row

10-10x Quadruped 1-Arm 1-Leg Reverse Fly

10x ½ Kneeling 1-DB Overhead Triceps

30x Burnout: Bent Over Versa Tube Tricep Extension


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Power Systems Master Coach, PJ Stahl, MA, CSCS is creator of PROJECT STEEL and a Reebok Ambassador. His background in competing in collegiate level Division I gymnastics paired with his experience coaching professional athletes, he was naturally led to become a fitness performance coach. PJ utilizes over 20 years of experience and over 25 certifications as a well-rounded elite fitness expert in personal and group training. PJ currently resides in Los Angeles where he owns and trains out of his studio, Lock Box Fitness & Performance Center.