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Take the Power Systems Spartan Bucket Challenge

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Warm weather is here and it’s the perfect time to get outside and train for your next challenge. The Obstacle Course Race movement has driven millions of people off their couches and out of their comfort zones. The Spartan Race has become one of the most popular OCR series worldwide! From hosting multiple events every weekend all over the world to providing training and nutrition tips for beginners to advanced OCR athletes –Spartan Race is making the sport of OCR accessible to everyone.

If you find getting outside your comfort zone, getting outdoors, and getting over obstacles inspiring, you are a Spartan at heart. Now, with the Spartan Bucket, you can grab all the tools you need to train for your next race anytime, anywhere.

There are two versions of the Spartan Bucket available – Women’s and Men’s. Several of the obstacles within a Spartan Race require a burdened carry. Spartan uses color to help racers quickly identify the recommended weight for males (black) and females (red). The Spartan Bucket comes equipped with popular training tools featuring weight and resistance level ranges recommended for males and females. Take the guesswork out, pick up your bucket, and head out to your favorite training space.

Women’s Spartan Bucket

Men’s Spartan Bucket

Male or female – based on the equipment weight and resistance levels listed above, choose the one that is right for you. Now that you’ve got your gear, click here to get the details on the Spartan 28-Day Challenge.

In October 2018, Power Systems proudly joined the Spartan movement and launched a line of partner products that empower anyone to train like a Spartan. Along with a package of products designed to take you from couch to race-ready, Spartan developed a 28-day challenge. Having the right tools and training make all the difference in reaching your goals. The 28-day challenge sets a great pace for anyone who is ready to start training. We’ve seen tremendous feedback and results from our Spartan package.

Here is some of the feedback we’ve received:

I’m love love loving the spartan 28 day boot camp and the equipment. I can do them at home and the gym and its added so much more to my workout” ~therivergypsy

“I like the density of this ball and use it for both my own training as well as with my clients. Having been a trainer for 20 years, I’ve seen my fair share of weighted balls and this one won’t bounce up and hit you in the face, so clients will really enjoy slamming it!” – Madeline on the Slam Ball

“These bands are perfect for travel and can be used anywhere! I have incorporated them into my workouts and the varied strengths are perfect to intensity any exercises. They also assisted me in my PT after shoulder surgery and now I am stronger than ever. I highly recommend these to anyone!” – Amber on the Covered Resistance Tube

We love hearing great things about our products and the training challenge. We’d love to hear your Spartan success story too! If your couch could use a break and your workout could use a refresh, then it’s time to Spartan Up. Whether you have raced previously or simply want to change up your workout or create a new challenge for your clients, Spartan + Power Systems has a thoughtfully designed and developed program that is ready to move you closer to your goals.

Get started now! Shop Spartan Products here. Train to tackle any obstacle and share your journey with us. Tag @powersystems on Instagram or @powersystemsinc on Facebook.

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