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Versatile, Adaptable, Portable – The Core Hammer

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What makes a piece of fitness equipment more “functional” than another?

One might say versatility. For example, a free weight is more versatile than a bicep curl machine. While both can work the same muscle – the free weight can be used in different ways to challenge multiple muscle groups, while the bicep curl machine is fixed and limited.

Another person might say one piece is more functional than another because it is adaptable to many exercises and fitness levels. By that definition, a treadmill can be considered a functional training piece. It can cater to beginner and advanced exercisers. The speed can be adjusted to accommodate a walk, jog, or run to enhance cardiovascular efficiency. The incline feature can be used to change the training focus to develop cardio endurance and muscular strength.

Finally, you might say a good “functional training” piece of equipment is portable. While a bicep curl machine and a treadmill can each be used to facilitate exercises that benefit any fitness level, due to their design and location within a facility, they might not be the best pieces to use in a functional training class.

Based on the discussion points above, almost any machine or accessory in a gym can be considered “functional” based upon how it is used. However, the most popular “functional training” pieces are kettlebells, free weights, medicine balls, and resistance bands because they are all of the above – versatile, adaptable, and portable.

The MostFit® Core Hammer is another piece that fits into the ideal “functional training equipment” category, with one more word to describe it – FUN!

Upon first glance, it is in fact a hammer – therefore it is natural that the first thing you want to do with it is swing and smash something. However, the Core Hammer is more adaptable and accessible than a sledgehammer in a facility setting because you do not need a bulky tractor tire to slam. When this hammer strikes a surface, you still feel a bounce like a sledgehammer hitting a tire – that rebound allows you to recoil quickly and slam again and again to elevate your heart rate and calorie burn.

MostFit Core Hammer


The Core Hammer gets its elastic property from the solid urethane head that is heat molded onto a durable, plastic coated, fiberglass handle. This construction process yields a hammer that will absorb, distribute, and transfer force when used inside or outside directly on cement, grass, turf, or industrial rubber/carpeted flooring, without damaging the striking surface or the hammer. The final finishing touch is the black rubber on the handle that provides comfort and traction to the user’s grip.

The MostFit® Core Hammer

  • Available in 8 lbs. (recommended for most users) or 12 lbs.
  • Ideal for small group training, one-on-one training, athletic conditioning, boot camps, and more!
  • Portable, versatile, accessible, and FUN!
  • Made of solid urethan to withstand extreme force
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

And, like the other functional favorites, the Core Hammer can stand alone to facilitate a total body workout or serve as one stop in a total body circuit. The long lever and distally loaded end provides many options for unilateral and asymmetrical strength challenges, core exercises, and rotational, mobility, and stability work.

Beyond the signature Core Hammer Slam, this piece can be used for a variety of cardio, strength, core, mobility, rotational, and impact exercises. Check out more exercises and circuit training ideas for all fitness levels at

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