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When do I choose a Weighted Bar over a Cardio Barbell Bar and Plate Set?

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Group fitness classes call for a wide variety of strength training equipment options to meet the training needs and goals for both the class programming and the participants. That’s why Power Systems has been providing a wide variety of studio strength training equipment for over 30 years. From cardio barbell sets and racks, to studio dumbbells and kettlebells, and much more!

Some studio classes require a specific type of strength training equipment based on the format of the class or the exercises performed. Weighted bars are some of our best sellers for studio strength training and provide a space saving alternative to cardio barbell sets. Power Systems offers two weighted bar options: the Versa Bar and the Premium Versa Bar. Both are available in a wide variety of weights to meet the needs of your participants and programming.

Why a Weighted Bar over a Cardio Barbell Bar and Plate Set?

The answer is simple – save time and save space. Weighted bars have a slim profile and can be stored close together in a small footprint compared to cardio barbell and plate sets. Versa Bars also allow instructors and participants to transition quickly between exercises by eliminating the time it takes to change the weight of a cardio barbell by adjusting the number of plates. Simply pick up a heavier or lighter Versa Bar when the training focus or range of motion of an exercise changes.

Power Systems has also made it quick and easy to store your Versa Bars with a FOUR storage options available.

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