Revenue Room

Create a New Revenue Room with Functional Training

Is your facility ready for 2017’s fastest rising fitness trend? Small Group Training (SGT) was listed among ACSM’s top 20 fitness trends for 2016 and its popularity still on the rise. SGT classes are a great way to add supplemental revenue to your personal training goals and your bottom line.

So how can you make sure your facility is prepared to maximize its SGT potential? Start preparing for an influx of SGT programming and attendance by identifying a space in your facility that will not only add value to your location, but also generate revenue year around.


How much space? That is a great question. For small groups of 4-6 people plus a coach, 20’x20’ would be a good start. Use this as a scale if you intend on hosting larger groups. Consider your entire facility, not just existing open space. Rearranging your current floor plan to create this area will start the buzz that something new is coming. Don’t simply consider dusty, unused corner spaces – think about space that is out in the open and easily visible to the cardio deck and to those touring your facility. These SGT sessions will create a ton of energy that can be infectiously motivating.


Once you have identified your “revenue room”, build out the space by starting from the ground up. Pick out a different type of flooring so that your members will quickly be able to identify its significance. Try turf or reinforced rubber flooring that can stand up to the hard HIIT-ing (pun intended) sessions that will take place there. Also, think about installing a digital wall clock or timer that your trainers can use to time out each circuit or tabata set.


Your designated functional SGT space wouldn’t be complete without its own set of unique equipment and accessories. Battle ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, and slam balls are all great tools to start with. If you already have the staples, consider adding a few new pieces such as the PowerWave, the Core Hammer, or the BOSU Elite to take your SGT sessions to the next level of performance and excitement for your participants.

Depending on the size and location of your space you may also want to add a few premium pull up bars lined up side by side along the wall that can double as suspension trainer anchors. Make sure you hang them at least 8’ off the floor. You’ll want to make sure there is at least 4’ above the pull up bar if you want your participants to have enough room to work on their muscle ups. If you have a larger, open space a fitness rig is a great multi-purpose piece that can be used for suspension training, modified push-ups, pull ups, dips, and so much more!

Finally, don’t forget to maximize your new functional training space by adding storage. The 3 tier mega medicine ball rack is perfect for this space as it will hold any Dynamax ball or PowerForce Medicine Ball as well as Elite Power Medicine Balls 10 lbs. and up.

Now is the time. Take some time to look around your facility and see how you can maximize your space, your member experience, and your revenue stream.