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Power Your Programming with the PowerWave

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Personal trainers love to get their hands on the newest, latest, and greatest training tools on the market. However, they are sometimes confined by variables that can limit training programs such as time, square footage, equipment available, or small groups of clients at varying fitness levels with different goals. This is where dynamic and functional training tools such as the PowerWave can really be an asset. PowerWave can be used to increase physical endurance, core strength, muscular strength and size, or achieve an overall lean and tone appearance and is dynamic enough to serve as the centerpiece or as a supplement to your programming.

Check out a few examples of how the PowerWave can enhance your training programs.

The Small Group HIIT Training Hero

The PowerWave can be used alone or paired with other functional or strength training products for a well-rounded HIIT workout. Use the Super (15 lbs.) or the Spartan (25 lbs.) alongside battle ropes, kettlebells, and slam balls for a dynamic functional training circuit. Or you can make the PowerWave the star of your HIIT program by hosting Wave20™ workouts.

These 20 minute, total body workouts are a great way to train TWO small groups within 60 minutes. In addition to a deeper dive into the Wave20 class and its program outline, each licensed instructor and/or facility receives access to specific music and timers that complete the training experience

The Size and Strength Supplement

The PowerWave Spartan (25 lbs.) and the Beast (44 lbs.) can be used in conjunction with barbells and dumbbells in a traditional upper or lower body strength training program.  If your client wants to gain mass but doesn’t have an hour to spend in the gym, you can create an upper or lower body strength and size development workout with the PowerWave alone.

The 20-minute BEAST-REPS™ workout was designed to control time under tension by using a metronome to alert the user when to perform each repetition. The heavier PowerWaves are used as the primary weight source along with the user’s body weight for basic strength training exercises such as push-ups, squats, lunges, and bicep curls.

The Pre-Program Design Fit Test

Fitness tests are a great way to assess a client at the beginning of a program and to measure their progress along the way. The sit-and-reach, the 3-minute step test, and a push-up test are all designed to give you feedback on a client’s fitness level. You can use the PowerWave to design your own pre-workout fitness test or add your own basic PowerWave workout to a pre-program design fit test that you are already using.

For example, if you are already using the 3-minute step test to assess cardiovascular health you can use a few simple PowerWave exercises to function as a complete total body first workout as well as to provide benchmarks for improvement. Use the PowerWave Super as the resistance for beginners and the PowerWave Spartan for resistance for intermediate/advanced clients.

Sample Fitness Assessment with PowerWave Integrated

Exercise Test Duration Result
3-Minute Step Test Cardiovascular Endurance/Health 3 minutes Record heart rate 60 seconds after completing the step test
PowerWave Squats · Lower Body Strength/Endurance

· Take notes on squat form

60 seconds Record # performed in the time frame
PowerWave Push-Ups · Upper Body Strength/Endurance

· Take notes on core strength/ability to hold neutral spine in a prone position

60 seconds Record # performed in the time frame


Did you know that the PowerWave has a resource trainers can use to assess the fitness level of their clientele? The PowerWave Instructor Course provides each instructor with a platform to “score” a Wave20 and a BEAST-REPS workout. By assigning a value to a workout, you will have another way to measure your client’s success beyond the scale.

For a general weight loss client, you can use the Wave20 ARR (Average Repetition Rate) Score Card to assess not only their overall fitness level but also their range of motion, coordination, and functionality.

Have a client that wants to gain muscle and get stronger? Assess their incoming strength level with the BEAST-REPS Negative Score Card. Track how they keep up with the controlled tempo timer while performing basic exercises that are performed by the upper and lower body independently.

You can also dive deeper into the score cards to determine your client’s strength and weaknesses and develop a strategy for improvement. This type of assessment strategy is a great way for you to differentiate yourself from other trainers.

Trainers can benefit in several ways by adding the PowerWave to their training tool kit. Used as a standalone piece or along with traditional training equipment, the PowerWave and its programming can accommodate all fitness levels and goals.

Whether you and your clientele workout to live, or live to workout – the PowerWave can help. Looking for inspiration? Check out this video featuring everyday heroes using the PowerWave to see how they workout to live.

For more information on bringing the PowerWave programming to your facility or on becoming a certified PowerWave Instructor, email [email protected].