Group Training

Strengthen Your Brand and Generate more Revenue by Training in Groups

Are you ready for this year’s fastest rising fitness trend?

Group Training made its debut on the 2017 ACSM Top 20 Global Fitness Trends at #6. Group Personal Training was also listed in the top 20 – but what’s the difference? According to the survey, group training is defined as 5+ people, while group personal training refers to groups of 3-5 people. Whatever you call it one thing is clear – training in groups is the key to taking your personal training business to the next level in 2017.

While single client sessions are the most personalized approach to a training program, one-on-one training sessions are not the most efficient way to maximize your time or your income. Group Training is a win, win – cheaper per session for the client, while the trainer (YOU) makes more. Making the shift sounds like a no-brainer, but it can be harder than it seems.

Some trainers begin to form small groups by simply grouping their one-on-one clients of similar fitness levels and goals into a single weekly session. This can work for those clients who are open to adding a group workout to their normal 2-3 time/week training schedule. However, this can backfire as some clients hold fast to their one-on-one attention and coveted time slot.

So how else can you make the transition? Create specialized group training sessions and offer them as a NEW CLIENT special. The market is prime for it right now! People are either trying to lose weight or looking to take their current workouts to the next level, and they all need the same thing – guidance. They just don’t want to pay too much for it. This is quite possibly one of the reasons that group training has emerged as a trend.

Consider these three steps when creating your own series of group sessions:


While “boot camp” might be a popular buzz word associated with group training – it can be intimidating to some. Consider other names that could appeal to the novice or specialty crowd such as, Strength Training for Beginners or Yoga for Runners. Then, set up a structured group training plan that will not only appeal to your current and future clients, but also highlight your personal skill set.


Now that you have strengthened your brand by adding group training options, it is time to take equipment inventory. Do you need additional pieces to accommodate more people? Or will you need a wider variety of equipment to meet the goals of your group programs? Adding a few familiar crowd pleasers like battle ropes or slam balls will keep your clients coming back for more. Or create a “WOW” factor with new functional training tools like the PowerWave and the Core Hammer.


Now that your group training strategy is in place, spread the word! Social media is the fastest way start a ripple effect. Turn that into a tidal wave by asking your clients to invite their friends to join them by liking and sharing your posts. Post before and after photos of your group or post your own #sweatyselfie and tag your clients and friends to do the same.

Expanding your programming options to offer group training is a great way to strengthen your brand, increase your circle of influence, and most importantly, supply what the industry is demanding. It might take some time to see the return on your efforts, but be consistent and this time next year your business will be thriving!