Group Training

Strengthen Your Brand and Generate more Revenue by Training in Groups

Are you ready for 2017’s fastest rising fitness trend?

Group Training was listed among ACSM’s 2017 Top 10 Global Fitness Trends Results. While single client sessions are the most personalized approach to a training program, one-on-one training sessions are not the most efficient way to maximize your time or your income. Group Training is a win, win – cheaper per session for the client, while the trainer (YOU) makes more. Adjusting your schedule to include more group training sessions will enhance the success of your training business in 2017!


Will your group be an indoor/outdoor boot camp? Strength Training for Beginners? Yoga for Runners? Set up a structured group training plan that will not only appeal to your current and future clients, but also highlight your personal skill set.


Now that you have strengthened your brand by adding group training options, it is time to take equipment inventory. Do you need additional pieces to accommodate more people? Or will you need a wider variety of equipment to meet the goals of your group programs? Adding a few familiar crowd pleasers like battle ropes or slam balls will keep your clients coming back for more. Or create a “WOW” factor with new functional training tools like the PowerWave and the Core Hammer.


Now that your group training strategy is in place, spread the word! Social media is the fastest way start a ripple effect. Turn that into a tidal wave by asking your clients to invite their friends to join them by liking and sharing your posts. Post before and after photos of your group or post your own #sweatyselfie and tag your clients and friends to do the same.

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