The Next Big Movement: Obstacle Course Racing

Something remarkable is happening with the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. Communities are being built, both in person and online, individuals of all abilities are coming together to form teams, and generational lines are being crossed. We asked Yancy Culp ELITE OCR ATHLETE, TOP COACH & OWNER OF YANCYCAMP.COM why the fitness industry should pay attention to Obstacle Course  Racing (OCR) and embrace this sport. Here’s what he had to say:

Approximately 7 years ago, people all over the world were introduced to what arguably has become the largest fitness movement this planet has ever seen.

The sport of Obstacle Course Racing (aka OCR, Mud Runs, and Adventure Racing) has been the fastest growing participatory sport for numerous years. In 2017, Spartan Race and Tough Mudder have a minimum of 13 televised events on NBC & CBS.

Obstacle course racing has created a strong sense of community and passion to serve others. Large groups and teams have been created. At the festival areas during the events, in communities, and on social media you can sense the growing trend of many in the OCR community becoming an extended family to each other. These events are about so much more than the race alone. Even though the sport has pro level athletes competing for podium spots, prize money, and sponsorship deals, the majority of the participants aren’t there to race. They are there to lift each other up mentally and physically as they tackle obstacles out on course just as they do in everyday life. Life can be a bumpy road and it doesn’t always make sense. The sport of obstacle course racing is helping many make sense of it all as they gather in massive numbers every weekend at locations all around the world and tackle obstacles out on course together.”

Why You Should Join in the OCR movement:

We believe

As humans, we all have the potential to accomplish things we never thought possible.

As a group, we have the ability to push each other past the comfort zone to achieve results only dreamed of.

As a community, we have the power to influence generations into becoming healthier and stronger for years to come.

Joining the OCR movement will allow you to…

– Experience a New Way of Training

– Be on the Forefront of the Newest Fitness Movement

– Be a Part of the Community

Download our free OCR Join A Workout guide for tips and tricks on hosting your own OCR workout as well as access to our hour long OCR workout with expert Yancy Culp!

What happened when we held our Nationwide OCR Workout

On Saturday, June 24 – Power Systems set out to host a nationwide OCR workout with our Brand Ambassadors Bennie Wylie, Jr., Yancy Culp, and PJ Stahl. The response was incredible! Throughout the course of the workout, more than 4,000 people joined us via Facebook and Instagram live streaming events. This was a HUGE and inspiring step in connecting us to you and you to each other through the sport of OCR.

Our local partner, Armor Gym (Knoxville, TN) recently implemented a 12-week OCR SGT class leading up to a Spartan Race in September. The team at Armor Gym was eager to participate in this OCR specific workout created by Elite OCR athlete and coach Yancy Culp. Their OCR SGT class, coaches, and even staff members came out to participate and thrived during the workout.

Here is what a few of them had to say about implementing a OCR SGT program at their facility:

“OCR training takes teamwork to a whole new level. We have learned not only to overcome things that personally challenged us as individuals but to conquer obstacles completely as a team. Weakness are diminished and strengths shine through as we have learned to lift one another up and exemplify the meaning of there being strength in numbers.”
– Kelsi Cummins
(personal trainer, Armor Gym)

“The response from members has been AWESOME! It has really helped connect our members with each other AND closer with the staff. Several team members, including myself, are participating right along side of the members. The members have even created their own private social media group and engage nearly on a daily basis – sending cool videos of ideas for next training session, motivational quotes/memes/videos, and just keep everyone looking forward to the next time together. I have personally enjoyed the program and believe it has been great for member relations for them to see us working hard right (and sometimes struggling, lol) along side of them!
– Chris Adams
Managing Club Partner, Armor Gym

How to bring OCR To You

Download your OCR Training Resource

Interested in learning more on OCR? Download our OCR training resource for more information on how to select the right OCR products, a free workout, as well as inspiration from OCR Expert, Yancy Culp!