What to Expect from the Power Systems Master Coaches Team at Club Industry

Join our Master Coaches and the Power Systems team at Club Industry October 4th-6th! Stop by booth #709 to meet with the team and learn about our latest tools to bring you and your clients results.

“Insights to Obstacle Course Racing & How Your Facility Can Get Involved” by Power Systems Master Coach Yancy Culp

Friday, 10/06/2017: 10:45 am – 11:45 am

Room: Third Floor, Williford C Room

Session Number:   N07


Obstacle course racing (OCR) has been the fastest growing participatory sport for more than seven years. This interactive session will cover the full scope of this popular sport including why and how the terrain and obstacles are changing the way millions train, what OCR-specific training looks (and feels) like, and how to implement a few things in your facility to maximize your ability to appeal to every OCR participant who steps into your club.

Session objectives:

• Develop a clear understanding of the OCR culture sweeping the globe.

• What OCR training looks like and how OCR is creating this training movement.

• Clear understanding of how to create training spaces that cater to the training needs of the millions participating in OCR.

• How to use specific equipment that will make your OCR loving clients happy when they see it in your club.

“Coaching vs. Training: Athletic-Based Circuits for Small and Large Group Training” by Power Systems Master Coach Bennie Wylie, Jr.


Friday, 10/06/2017: 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Room: Third Floor, Williford C Room

Session Number:   M07


Athletes train differently throughout the year to ensure they are in the best shape to perform. Why not use these same high-level coaching and programming techniques with all clients? In this workshop, you’ll experience sports-based circuits that identify different training focuses and goals. You’ll also gain insight on how specific top-level coaching principles can be utilized to enhance the client experience. Walk away with tips on how you can create athletic-based circuits that are tailored to your individual and small-group circuits.