Protect Performance and Your Investment with Airex Mats

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Training at the highest level takes dedication and motivation.

It also requires the best gym equipment. It can be easy to take foundational equipment and its performance for granted. Many of us may not pay attention to a key element of our workouts and recovery until they begin to fail.


At Power Systems, we place a great deal of emphasis on quality and durability. We are dedicated to seeking out the most advanced technology to source products that enhance performance in the field. It ensures we give our customers the very best products available that will stand up their training needs.

When planning your club, class, or fitness space, consider the foundational components of mats and balance pads. Airex® mats and balance pads durability and thoughtful design make them great for heavy and more dynamic training. Offering Airex brand tools enhances workouts by providing greater balance challenge with an advanced level of instability and will prove their value over time.

The world’s most well-rounded athletes, Olympians, and professional competitors understand that protection from injury must come first in an effective training program. We find Airex mats boost athletic competency pre- and post-workout and provide maximum comfort and support while in use. The added slip-resistance provides stability and confidence to clients and customers throughout their workouts.

Made from durable closed-cell foam, Airex mats and pads are tough enough to withstand a lot of force and resist movement while in use. In groups or individually, these mats roll up easily to be portable for on the go situations or stored in-between classes or sessions. Balance pads are lightweight and stackable, easily transported or put away when class is over.

Don’t be shy using these mats for in and outdoor training and recovery. Best of all, we love how these mats are simple to clean, will air dry, and can be refreshed and sanitized easily for the next round of hard-core training, stretching, therapy, or whatever you use your mat for. We know that adding Airex mats to your program will “balance” your results and protect you and your clients for a lifetime of fitness and health.

Discover our AIREX Mats and Balance Pads

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