Stay Consistent to Build Forward Momentum Towards Your Goals

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            It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

– Anthony “Tony” Robbins

In a world where challenge and change are inevitable, consistency provides us with a sense of comfort. Consistency creates trust in relationships with others and with businesses. In fact, it is one of the top characteristics of any successful person, company, or brand. Applying consistency in nearly any aspect of your life, career, or business will support your goals and reinforce the framework of your success.

For an individual, consistently executing the positive, healthy habits they have adopted provides focused direction and forward momentum. And by “healthy habits”, we aren’t just talking about actions that attribute to your physical health; healthy habits can be described as any course of action that contributes positively to your personal or professional life.  For example, planning can be considered a “healthy habit.” Implementing and executing action plans consistently will keep you on track to achieve goals in the gym, at home, or at  work.

Consistency is not only important for pursuing and achieving goals. Your commitment to consistently set new goals, to accept new challenges, or to learn new things will keep pushing you onward and upward to the best possible version of yourself.

As a manager or leader, applying consistency in your actions will instill the same in those who follow you. For example, a personal trainer that applies consistency to their work by challenging, motivating, and inspiring change will always have plenty of clients to train. That same trainer who consistently challenges themselves physically in the gym will become a leader by example. And if that same trainer consistently seeks out opportunities to gain more education, training, and knowledge to improve their training skills – they will be on the path to becoming a true fitness professional.

As a business owner, applying consistent principles and practices that align with the company vision will have a direct, positive impact upon the success of your business.  Injecting consistency in everything from advertising, logos, color schemes, facility design, staff acquisition and training will establish a strong brand message. Whether you own a single facility or hundreds, customer loyalty and satisfaction increase in direct proportion to the level of consistency maintained from one experience to the next.

The start of a new month is another opportunity to evaluate plans and progress in business and in life. This month evaluate the areas in your life and career in which you are applying consistent “healthy habits” and give yourself a pat on the back. Then challenge yourself to identify the aspects of your personal and professional life that could improve by applying more consistency to your actions.

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