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Equipment Inspection and Replenishment

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According to  Forbes, consistency is one of the top characteristics of a successful business. Your clients and members are attracted to return time and time again if they receive the same satisfied experience each time they check in. There several areas in which you can audit your business to ensure that your members receive a consistent, positive experience each time they check in, such as:  

  • Quality of customer service and training services 
  • Quality and variety of fitness classes 
  • Monthly payment processing 
  • Cleanliness of facility 
  • Regular equipment replenishment and updates 

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Inspection for Perfection 

First impressions can make a big difference when a prospective member is touring your facility. Your team should walk the floor daily to inspect the facility and equipment confirming all looks as good as new. Consider inviting a non-member friend or colleague to tag along – even the most critical eye can become dull within a familiar space. Check out every wall, floor, ceiling and corner, inside and out.  

Shiny new equipment in the appropriate quantity is another way you can make a positive first impression. Take a detailed look at every piece of equipment in the facility. Look for wear and tear, safety concerns, and opportunities to replenish or upgrade. Since some of your most popular equipment happens to be our specialty, here are a few specific things to look for as you inspect your accessories: 

  • Resistance Bands & Tubes: Nicks, fraying, tears, fading/discoloration, damage to handles/handle-tube insertion point. Discard and replace any damaged tubing and bands.  
  • Exercise Mats: Tears, rips or other damage to surface; fading, discoloration. 
  • Medicine Balls: Smoothing/worn grip pattern, cracks, worn or faded weight identification.  
  • Stability Balls: Fading, smooth, or worn surface texture pattern/logo, scratches, over or under inflation. 
  • Foam Rollers: Tears or cracks in foam, fading or discoloration, deformities to the shape of the roller. 

We recommend doing a facility walk thru specifically for building your “items that need to be reordered” list once a quarter. It might seem tedious, but this is time very well spent! Discard damaged equipment and replenish your equipment inventory to ensure you have all the tools your instructors, trainers, and most importantly, your members want!

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