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How to Breakdown Your Goals to Stay on Track

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2018 is half way over and how far along are we on achieving our goals we set for the year?

I set some very lofty business goals this year. First, to help my staff bond even more together and secondly, to improve all of our systems and programs at Camp Rhino to help our members as much as possible. It would be overwhelming to do it all at once, but every work day I do something to get me closer to those goals. I’ve made a list of all of the large tasks I need to complete, and then broke those large tasks down into smaller, daily sub-tasks that I know I can get done. For example, a large task is developing our “First 100 Days” for brand new members. The sub-tasks are creating the weekly emails and system for our front desk to follow. Each day, I can write up one email towards accomplishing this task, instead of trying to tackle it all in one day.

What are your goals for this year? I have included 3 examples of 2018 Goals and ways to break those goals down into manageable pieces for you.

Goal/Large Task: To get in the best shape ever this year!

Daily Sub-Task: Just focus on never missing a day of movement. You don’t have to do 2 hours a day of working out to get fit, just make sure you always do at least 5 minutes! If your day got away from you, just know that before you jump in the shower that day, you will dedicate 5 minutes to as many rounds as possible of 5 Air Squats, 5 V-Ups and 5 Push-ups. Maybe the next day you will be able to go to an entire workout class, but at least you made progress towards your goal. Eventually, daily workouts will become a habit and a joy. Until then, don’t pressure yourself with tough expectations of working out for 1+ hours per day.

Goal/Large Task: To eat healthy!

Daily Sub-Task: Just focus on one small sub-task at a time. For 3 weeks, drink enough water. For the next 3 weeks, continue to drink enough water, but also get your minimum daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Then try to stay away from processed foods. Then try to get a minimum amount of your Protein, Fats, Starches and Calcium. Then cut out added sugar. One small daily goal at a time will get you addicted to your new, healthy lifestyle instead of starting out perfect and then falling off the wagon.

Goal/Large Task: To organize my life!

Daily Sub-Task: Start by reading some organizing blogs to get ideas. Then, make your list of your daily sub-tasks you want to complete. One popular organizing tip is to go into a room and spend 15 minutes a day dividing up your extra belongings from that room into 3 boxes labeled: Throw-Away, Give-Away, and Re-position. Once all the excess items in the room are divided up into the boxes, then you can throw-away the first box, donate the second box, and take the third box to re-position those items into other rooms in the house or storage.

Spending just a little time each day towards your big goal will give you an amazing sense of accomplishment. If you haven’t started on those 2018 goals, or if you fell off, I have good news: You still have a half a year left! Go take on the rest of the year!


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Julie Johnston is the founder and owner of Camp Rhino, a first of its kind boot camp, indoor obstacle course, and Rhino CrossFit affiliate, in Las Vegas, NV. Over the past 14 years, Johnston and her team have grown Camp Rhino from one of the first outdoor boot camp classes to a one-of-a-kind fitness experience with two (soon to be three) locations. With 14 years experience as a physical fitness trainer and 17 years experience as an entrepreneur, Johnston stays ahead of the curve with never-seen-before fitness programs and business ideas.