Bennie Connections

Bennie Wylie’s Advice for Connecting Members to Each Other

Coach Bennie Wylie and his coaches at The Performance Lab run 4-6 large group training classes per day with an average attendance of 60-100 people – all in the small town of in Abilene, TX! How do they do it? There is a method to the madness. We’ve taken a look at The Performance Lab’s program design strategy for large groups. Now we’ve asked Bennie to explain, in his own words, how he creates a team environment amongst his members. Connecting members to your facility/training programs by connecting them to one another can have a powerful and positive effect on client retention.

Elisabeth Fouts

About Elisabeth Fouts

Elisabeth Fouts is Power Systems’ Education and Trade Show Coordinator and a 10 year veteran in the fitness industry. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, is certified in and actively teaches 4 Les Mills Group Fitness Programs, and serves as a PowerWave Senior Coach. When Elisabeth isn’t teaching group x classes, you can find her training for or participating in an Obstacle Course race or watching Tennessee Volunteers or Dallas Cowboys football… GO VOLS!