Every step matters

Every Step Matters on the Way to Your Goals

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2017 – New month, new goals. As every month comes to a close, you might view the start of a new month as a time to evaluate the progress you have made toward your 2017 goals. Whether your goals pertain to health, fitness, family, spirituality, career, finances, or all of the above – 30 days serves as a good benchmark upon which to reflect, respond, and maybe even regroup.

Chances are you have considered abandoning your goals AT LEAST once in 30 days. Not to worry, that is actually a good thing. If you feel like quitting, it actually means that you have chosen your goal wisely. It means that the steps you have taken so far on your path to success have challenged you or made you uncomfortable in some way. This proves to you that the steps you are taking towards your goal are outside of your comfort zone; which many consider to be the first step to reaching your goals.  

Or maybe you’ve thought about quitting because you are not experiencing measurable results fast enough. No one likes to stand still. We are all conditioned to receive instant gratification. However, achieving goals often means you might have to form new habits and break old ones. This process isn’t swift or easy. If you are not where you thought you would be 30 days in, stay the course. Even though it might seem like you are standing still, commit to yourself that you will continue to take small steps towards your goal every day – it won’t be long before you can look back and see how far you’ve come.

But what if you feel you are even further away from your goal than when you started 30 days ago? Set-backs are inevitable. We live in the real world in which the unexpected is expected. The path to your goal is not a fast-paced, straight line freeway – it’s more like the yellow brick road.  If you take a few steps backwards, don’t let a temporary discouragement throw you permanently off track. Acknowledge the set-back, reflect, regroup, and then move forward EMPOWERED with what you have learned.

If none of this applies to you because you are happily on your way to achieving your goals – a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS are in order! Seriously, it is important hit pause for just long enough to enjoy your victories. Celebrating success will give you the motivation and the focus to stay on track.

The path to success takes all sorts of steps, and each one has something for you to gain:

Forward = Achievement

Backward = Knowledge

Big = Empowerment

Small = Humility

Fast = Momentum

Slow = Patience

Regardless of the kinds of steps you are taking, it is important to remember that each one is significant. On the path to achieve your goals, every step matters.

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