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Upgrade Your At-Home Workout

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Due to the increased availability of fitness products and (accessibility to) programming, both at home and in the gym, we are gaining momentum as a nation to get more people active. According to the Physical Activity Council’s 2017 Participation Report – at least 46% of the population of Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z (aka people born between 1965 – 2000) practice regular physical activity at a high or healthy level. And when it comes to activity preference, everyone from Boomers to Gen Z prefer to participate in fitness sports (aka HIIT, Choreographed exercise to music, free weights, yoga, bodyweight exercise, etc.).

This goes to show that apart from team sports and outdoor activities, almost half the population is gravitating toward making physical fitness a priority. Fitness professionals seek to empower their clients with the knowledge to take what they have learned from one-on-one or group sessions and confidently implement it into their daily lives. The fitness industry continues to grow and evolve to offer more options for physical activity. From specialty gyms and boutiques, to fitness tracking and programming technology, there are more places, programs, and plans available than ever to support a more movement conscious population.

Technology has allowed the fitness industry to expand beyond the walls of the gym and into the homes and onto the smartphones of millions – thus making it easier to get a great workout in from your own home. There are also a growing number of fitness enthusiasts who are creating their own at-home workout space to enhance their regular gym time throughout the week.

A great at-home workout starts with equipping yourself with the right tools and space to not only meet your training needs but to maximize your success.

For example, if you are planning to use a home gym space for quick and easy workout when you can’t get to the gym, then a few basic essentials might be all you need. However, if you are looking to prioritize your goal-specific training sessions primarily from the comfort and convenience of your home, then spending additional time and resources to identify and equip a designated home gym space is essential for success.

Whether the “at-home workout” makes up 20% or 100% of your weekly exercise program, creating a dedicated workout space has many benefits and can make a real impact on your training goals.

  1. Time Saver – Think of all the time you will save without having to commute to the gym. When you are done, you can jump right into your own shower. It might even save you enough time to prep a quick, healthy breakfast.
  2. Eliminates Distractions – It is much easier to get your sweat on if you don’t have to share your space with the living room or the home office.
  3. Increased Accessibility – A dedicated workout space in your home will be set up and ready to go when you are. If you spend 5-10 minutes moving furniture and pulling out all the items you need from the closet, you can’t maximize your time and each workout will become less convenient for you.

While a home gym might seem like the perfect solution – the problem you might be having is a lack of space. Not to worry, you can still create a great home gym with the right equipment. Over the next few weeks we will be sending you tips how to identify and equip your home gym space – both indoors and outdoors.

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About Elisabeth Fouts

Elisabeth is the Education & Content Manager for Power Systems. She has served the fitness industry for over 15 years has a wide variety of experience from personal training and group fitness instruction to health club membership sales and fitness management. She joined Team Power Systems as Education Coordinator in 2015 and has since produced and co-authored educational content for live and virtual training sessions both internally for staff training and externally for industry educational organizations across the United States. Elisabeth holds a B.S. in Education & Exercise Science and is a certified fitness instructor with ACE and Les Mills.