4 Must-Haves for Your Group Fitness Studio

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Group exercise programs, a key growth opportunity for fitness facilities, are proven to enhance member loyalty. Studio classes, designed to accommodate members of all ages, abilities, fitness levels, and training goals, are a testament to this. Equipping your fitness studio with a diverse range of equipment types, weights, and resistance levels is essential for all participants.

You can always add more equipment to your studio over time as you discover the most popular classes with your member base. However, selecting products from these four key categories will get your group programs off to a great start. 

1. Resistance Bands & Tubes

Resistance bands are the most affordable, adaptable, and versatile accessories for any fitness program. You can add an exercise band to almost any exercise and create a challenge for participants at any fitness level, from beginners to professional athletes.

2. Mats

Instructors and class participants will reach for exercise mats for support during floor-based exercises. Depending on the types of classes on the schedule, you may need to provide more than one type of mat – and we’ve got options for all. 

3. Dumbbells

Like resistance bands, dumbbells are another versatile strength training solution for group classes. Studio dumbbells are typically available in weights ranging from 1 – 25 lbs. to meet the challenge for every fitness level and exercise goal.

4. Storage

Fitness equipment storage is critical for maximizing the floor space available for class participants and keeping your studio stocked and organized. We have many storage options, from multipurpose to equipment-specific, so choose what is best for your studio equipment mix.

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