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5 Ways Vector Will Support Your Business

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The Vector offers a dynamic and scalable training solution to deliver exercises with the same functionality as a commercial grade cable machine for a fraction of the footprint and cost. Here are 5 ways adding the Vector training system to your facility will support your business:

1. Enhance Member Engagement and Retention: The Vector provides new functional fitness exercises to keep members engaged throughout your facility and across multiple programs. An extensive library of Vector exercises and sample workouts are available for FREE through the Vector app. Add new Vector “stations” to provide variety and additional challenge to studio fitness and small group training classes.

2. Enhance Safety: Traditional resistance bands and tubes can break over time and risk injury to the user. The KayeZen Vector Internal Resistance Cables are assembled with Kevlar® fibers to reduce snap-back risk. Vector Resistance Cables are housed inside the unit to reduce exposure or wear-and-tear when not in use.

3. Space & Budget Optimization: Vector offers a dynamic and scalable training solution to deliver exercises with the same functionality as a cable-based rack system for a fraction of the footprint and cost. It allows you to provide access to resistance cable exercises in studio classes, outdoor boot camps, and other places throughout a facility where large cable machines simply cannot go. The Vector requires ZERO footprint when not in use and can be used with any carabiner-friendly attachment anchored to a secure, weighted base. 

4. Save Time: Each Vector can be configured to provide between 10 lbs. – 100 lbs. of resistance, providing the widest variety of resistance for all exercises and fitness levels in a single, compact tool. The lightweight design allows instructors to quickly add or remove training stations on the gym floor or group fitness room. For circuit training, each user can quickly adjust the resistance level with a simple turn of the dial to add or reduce tension based on the exercise, range of motion, or fitness level. To provide this experience with resistance tubes alone, instructors would need to arrange several tube options at each station to challenge each participant effectively.

5. Elevate & Differentiate Your Brand Experience: The quality design and compact size of the Vector makes it easy to keep training spaces clean and organized. Vector’s state-of-the-art engineering keeps all resistance cables contained in a high-end housing for a neat and attractive appearance.

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