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Product Spotlight: KayeZen Vector

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Introducing the first of its kind dial-in resistance cable system – the KayeZen Vector – a portable, lightweight strength training system than can offer a uniquely wide range of resistance from 10 lbs. to 120 lbs. with a simple twist of a dial.

The secret is in the revolutionary design of the Vector capsule and the specialized resistance cables inside. Each Vector capsule holds 8 specialized resistance cables. Turn the dial to Level One and pick up resistance from 4 internal cables. Level Two on the dial grabs 2 more additional cables for more resistance, and Level Three grabs all 8 internal resistance cables. Due to its quickly adjustable and impressive resistance range, the Vector provides a lightweight, portable alternative to cable-based machine exercises all while occupying ZERO floor space indoors or out.


The concept for the Vector began in 2008, when former collegiate athlete and founder of Vector, Eric Kaye, suffered a back injury. He began using resistance bands and tubes as part of his rehab and quickly gained a newfound appreciation for these lightweight, portable training tools.

During this process, Eric also realized that though resistance band training has been around for decades, the basic technology has not changed. He decided to reach out the discuss the topic with a series of professionals from sports performance, fitness, and healthcare. During the process he heard similar feedback from each on the “pain points” associated with resistance band training and could now, based on his experience, understand and relate. Eric assembled what would become Vector Sports to develop a solution that addressed some of these barriers: specifically, the:

  • Difficulty setting up exercises: Connecting tubes and bands to different anchors and structures
  • Inability to quickly change resistance levels
  • Snap back injury risk
  • Time required to swap out accessories

The result broke these barriers and took lightweight, portable resistance training to the next level.


Dial-In, Specialized Resistance Cables

Vector’s dial-in resistance is made possible by a series of specialized resistance cables that include internally reinforced Kevlar® fibers to reduce snap-back risk while in use. The Vector offers enhanced safety as the cables are housed inside the unit to reduce exposure or wear-and-tear when not in use.

Customizable Resistance Range

Vector Resistance Cables also allow the user to customize the resistance range of a Vector to light, medium, or heavy based on their configuration. For example:

  • Light = 8 Light Cables = 10 – 60 lbs. of resistance
  • Medium = 6 Light Cables + 2 Heavy Cables = 30 – 90 lbs. of resistance
  • Heavy = 8 Heavy Cables = 40 – 120 lbs. of resistance

Space & Budget Optimization

The Vector offers a dynamic and scalable training solution to deliver exercises with same functionality as a commercial grade cable machine for a fraction of the footprint and cost. Provide access to resistance cable exercises in studio classes, outdoor boot camps, and other places throughout a facility where large cable machines simply cannot go. The Vector requires ZERO footprint when not in use and can be used with to any carabiner friendly attachment anchored to a secure, weighed base.

Mobile App Ready

The Power Systems Vector mobile app is FREE and available for download on iOS and Android devices. The app is easy to use and offers tutorial videos on Vector basics and supports one-on-one and group training programming with a variety of sample exercises and workouts to get started.


Interested in more information or want to request a product demonstration? Click the banner below to see more on the Vector or have a Power Systems team member contact you with how it can support your fitness business.

Vector by Power Systems
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