Bennie Wylie’s Tips for Re-engaging Athletes and Coaches for Fall

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School is back in session and that means the return of all our favorite fall sports. We reached out to Power Systems Master Coach and University of Oklahoma’s Director of Sports Performance, Coach Bennie Wylie, Jr. to find out how he , his coaches, and his athletes switch gears from pre-season to in-season training.

PS: How do you keep your coaches engaged during this exciting time of year?

BW: This time of year is very exciting. I love pre-season, the prep, the work, the time, the early mornings – and we do it all for the in season. This is for all the marbles. Going from pre-season to in-season is an easy transition because the energy and anticipation is high.

I keep myself and the other coaches engaged in the same style of coaching we brought to the pre-season. Leading by example and bringing it every single day. We coach every detail, every step, every rep with the same intensity that we have all summer long.

PS: How do you help your athletes engaged with a new training schedule now that classes are in session?

BW: I help my athletes by coaching time management, teaching them how to fit it all in. Classes, study time, training, recovery, nutrition, sleep. Prioritize, schedule it in black and white and it is an easier transition to fit everything in and keep training, nutrition, and rest a priority with their class schedule.

PS: This time last year, you were transitioning your coaches and clients at The Performance Lab from Summer to Fall. What advice do you have for personal trainers and their clientele as they try to re-engage with their fitness goals this time of year?

BW: This time of year, coming out of summer, clients should feel pretty good. They have been training hard to look their best outdoors and on vacation. But with Fall comes tailgating, Thanksgiving, Halloween candy, Christmas and Holiday parties aren’t far behind. So now is time to help your clients set good, quality goals that are attainable for the Fall.

For personal trainers, the best way to get them re-engaged is to go out and visit other coaches, other training teams. Soak up the good energy from others. Get inspired. Then come back and start your programming plans for the Fall.

Thanks for the advice Coach Bennie!

As you re-engage yourself, your co-workers, or your athletes with goals this Fall, keep in mind some of Bennie’s advice. Whether its time management, inspiration, or perhaps a new fitness goal that you need, as we transition to Fall schedules it’s time to re-engage and re-connect for the next challenge ahead.


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