How PJ Stahl Developed His OCR Bootcamp

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Looking to help your members commit to their goals through group training? Try implementing a program with a unique training focus such as Obstacle Course Race Training. There might be several members and clients at your facility right now that are thinking about trying an Obstacle Course Race in 2018, but don’t have a group to train with or don’t have any idea how to start training. This is where your facility can step in and offer these members a platform to connect to each other and commit to their goals through an OCR specific group training program.

If you are looking to add OCR specific classes to your group training schedule, Power Systems has grouped together equipment bundles based upon square footage to help guide you through the process of choosing the right type and quantity of training tools for a functional training program with an OCR twist.

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While members and trainers love to get their hands on new FUNctional “gym toys” – you can still implement Obstacle Course Race style training with several of the pieces you might already have on hand. Check out the Power Systems YouTube channel for inspiration from our OCR Training playlists – featuring exercises and circuits designed by Power Systems Master Coach and Elite OCR Athlete/Coach Yancy Culp. Get inspired with some of Yancy’s OCR specific exercises designed for total body training, grip & pull strength training, lower body strength, or core training

Power Systems Master Coach, PJ Stahl, recently added an OCR Boot Camp to the class schedule at his Los Angeles facility, Lock Box LA Fitness & Performance Center. Several members at Lock Box will be participating alongside fellow members and coaches in at least one Obstacle Course Race this year. Now they can add this targeted training class to their weekly workout routine to prepare them for some of the challenges they will face. Even the Los Angeles Times came out to see what all the buzz was about!

With this new OCR Boot Camp, PJ and his coaches challenge their members to conquer new exercises and new movement sequences using unique equipment designed with the course in mind. In video below, PJ introduces you to some the new OCR training tools that are becoming fast-favorites of his members and coaches.

Similar to Couch-to-5K programs, an OCR specific training class can help your members commit to their 2018 goals of conquering an Obstacle Course of their choice while connecting them with a group of like-minded people to do it with. Power Systems is committed to bringing you a wide variety of quality functional training tools as well as sample exercises and programming to get you, your facility, and your coaches and trainers off to a year full of conquering obstacles!

Want to bring an OCR Boot Camp to your facility? Shop our OCR SQFT Kits to find the perfect kit for your space and class size.

400 SQFT Kit (4 – 5 People)
600 SQFT Kit (8 – 10 People)
800 SQFT Kit (14 – 16 People)
1000 SQFT Kit (20 – 22 People)
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