How Team Power Systems uses Innovation to Reach Our Goals

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Innovation has been a bit of a buzzword in recent years. From politics to education and businesses to entire towns, everyone talks about “innovation” as the key to success. Yes, it is an effective tool to build a successful business – but what does innovation really mean? And more specifically, what are the ways it can be applied to the fitness industry and how can it help you grow your business? This month we want to break down the way we think innovation should be used in pursuit of your potential.

As stated by Michael O’Bryan in WIRED Magazine, innovation:

…should not be discussed as a specific term but as a series of skills and behaviors that a person must possess to be innovative. To be truly innovative, you need a combination of critical, conceptual, creative, reflective, and visionary thinking skills combined with behavioral traits such as curiosity, resilience, the ability to collaborate, and the development of both observation and communication skills. While this list can be modified, the main point is that innovation is mostly used as a slogan with no substance and should be seen as a process.”

So guess what? It’s the process that we focus on here at Power Systems. Have you ever thought critically about that kettlebell you’re swinging? Sat down after a WOD and reflected on the curvature of the handle? Have you been curious about the methods in which kettlebells can be produced? Have you thought about creative ways to use them as a tool to incorporate OCR training principles into your boot camps? Well, we have. Our process is spurred by curiosity and through collaborations with our internal team and our Master Coaches. This process results in products and programs that power your potential.

Speaking of our Master Coaches, they are successful business owners and trainers who possess some of the most visionary thinking skills we’ve ever encountered in this industry. By feeding his curiosity, PJ Stahl has created some of the most unique programming in our field. Julie Johnston’s stellar communication skills and desire to truly collaborate with her clients on tailored programs has helped her create a community that keeps them coming back for more. When Yancy Culp saw an opportunity for OCR training it was his resilience that kept him going, building a profitable web-based business – while still holding down a full-time corporate job! And Bennie Wylie, Jr.  is the first to tell you that he wouldn’t be where he is today if he hadn’t experienced failures – he viewed them as temporary setbacks, powered through them, and turned them into opportunities to build a successful business based on coaching clients to success instead of just training clients.

This month as we head toward IHRSA, you’re probably going to hear the term innovation a lot. Just remember: innovation is the process and the way in which ideas are applied. This month, we are going to share some new products with you and we hope you find that as exciting as we do! We’re also thrilled to share knowledge from our Masters Coaches on how they use our products and they’ll share sample programming ideas that will help you retain and attract new members.

We hope you enjoy everything and look forward to talking with you throughout the month on our social channels.

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